Who knew making stickers at home could be this easy? Have fun designing your own stickers and follow our how to guide to give it a go.

It’s so simple to turn your favourite drawings and pictures into stickers. All you need is some wax paper, clear sticky tape, and our step-by-step picture guide.

Kids will be fascinated as they watch their own drawings turned into stickers they can attach to books, pencil cases and anything else they can think of!

We’ve made some fruit and cactus designs to cover our notebook, but let your child’s imagination run wild when getting creative with the colouring pens and pencils. The brighter and bolder the pictures, the better the stickers.

To make stickers will need:

  • Paper
  • Colouring pencils or pens
  • Clear parcel tape
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors

Instructions to make sticker:

1. Draw your favourite things with felt tips or colouring pencils. Cut out the around the outline of the pictures you want to turn into stickers.

2. Take a piece of wax paper and place some clear parcel tape on top.

3. Place the picture cutout on top of the parcel tape and top with another piece of tape. Press down to make sure the tape is stuck down around the drawing.

4. Cut around the edge of the sticker, making sure to leave an edge of sticky tape around the drawing, as this is what holds the sticker together.

5. When you’re ready to use your sticker, peel away the wax paper backing. If it doesn’t come away easily, an adult can score the back of the paper with a pair of scissors and peel off the wax paper from the tear.

6. If you’re not ready to use the sticker, peel off the wax paper anyway. Take a large sheet of wax paper and apply all your stickers to this. When you’re ready to sticker, it will be easier to remove the stickers from this.

Esme Clemo
Craft Writer

Esme is Future's resident craft expert, working across titles such as GoodTo, Woman&Home, Woman’s Weekly, Woman, Woman’s Own, Chat, Now, Pick Me Up and The Craft Network. Successfully turning her sewing hobby into a career, she's adept in a number of crafts, including sewing, papercraft, calligraphy, embroidery and printing.