How to make a teacup bird feeder

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  • Turn a chipped teacup into a stylish perch for feathered friends

    This teacup bird feeder upcycling project is a great way to repurpose chipped or broken crockery. If you have a teacup and saucer beyond repair and heading to the dustbin, it’s time to think again. Make do and mend with this inspiring craft project that turns trash into treasure.

    Vamp up your garden with this decorative bird feeder, you can use chintzy floral teacups or a more robust geometric patterned mug for a modern take on our tutorial. Just make sure you use strong enough glue that can withstand the outdoor elements.

    For a child-friendly garden project, try making this simple bird feeder instead or have a look at our list of garden crafts for kids.

    Whatever style feeder you choose to make, just be sure to fill up the cup and saucer with some bird-friendly seeds. Sunflower seeds are the most popular for attracting a wide variety of birds, but why not try nyjer, peanuts, millet, flax and rapeseed?

    Once you’ve found the golden mix for attracting some feathered friends, sit back and enjoy the show of birds appearing in your garden. Can you identify them from these top 10 British birds?

    How to make a bird feeder

    To make the bird feeder you will need:

    • Teacup
    • Saucer or oval dish
    • Gorilla glue
    • Masking tape
    • Twine
    • Bird seed

    How to make a teacup bird feeder:

    1. First turn the teacup on its side, with the handle pointing up, and place in the middle of the saucer (to ensure even weight distribution). When you’re happy with its position, add a dab of Gorilla glue to the teacup, following the manufacturer’s instructions, and secure in place on the saucer with tape, to hold the cup steady. Then leave to dry fully.

    2. Next remove the tape and check the teacup is stuck securely to the saucer. Then take a length of twine, around 30cm long, and loop through the handle of the cup. Find a sturdy branch to hang the feeder and tie the twine securely to the branch with a double knot. Snip the end of the twine and fill the cup with bird seed.

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