How to make your own cat draught excluder

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  • Keep draughts at bay with this easy-to-make excluder, perfect for cat lovers. The colourful appliqués depict a group of feline friends, that will style up any door or windowsill.

    Time to make: 4 hours

    To make this cat draught excluder, you will need:

    • Bondaweb
    • Six 10 x 10cm patterned fabric scraps
    • Scissors
    • 40 x 75cm yellow fabric
    • Sewing machine
    • Hand sewing needle
    • Matching thread
    • Navy embroidery thread (optional)
    • 2.5m navy blue piping
    • Pins
    • Piping foot
    • 1kg rice
    • Small resealable bags
    • Stuffing



    How to make this cat draught excluder:

    1. Start by creating theappliqués: Print and the cat excluder template. Fuse the Bondaweb to the wrong side of the patterned fabric scraps. Trace around the cat shapes onto the paper backings fused to the fabrics and use a pair of scissors to cut out six appliqués.
    2. Cut the yellow fabric into two 20 x 75cm rectangles. Fuse the cats to one of the rectangles at equal distances apart.
    3. Stitch the appliqué cats in place using a sewing machine or hand-stitch with contrasting embroidery thread if you prefer. We have used machine zigzag, blanket and free motion stitch styles to add a unique look to our cat motifs.
    4. Pin the flanged piping to the appliquéd rectangle, matching up the raw edges and overlapping the ends to create a flush finish. Stitch in place using a sewing machine and a piping foot.
    5. Place the other yellow fabric rectangle on top of the front piece with right sides together. Pin and sew all the way around with a 1.5cm seam allowance and using the piping foot. Make sure to leave one short end open.
    6. Turn the draught excluder right sides out and press. Fill a few resealable bags with rice and seal, removing any air. Slip inside the draught excluder along the bottom edge. Fill the rest of the draught excluder with stuffing until plump.
    7. Fold the raw edges under themselves, pin and slipstitch the open end closed.

    Top tips for making this cat draught excluder

    • Experiment using different stitches to sew down the cat appliqués.
    • Use scraps of leftover fabric to create the patterned appliqués.
    • Create your own version with motifs of your favourite animals.
    • Use contrasting binding for the trim to make the fabrics pop.

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