How to make a Christmas tree card

The stitched 3D effect of the trees give this homemade Christmas card the wow factor.

Get ahead on your Christmas crafting with this handmade card.

Decorated with a trio of paper Christmas trees and surrounded by flecks of white paint for the falling snow, it's the picture of a white Christmas.

Stretch your papercrafting skills by incorporating some sewing into the design. Stitched down the centre, these trees are given a cool 3D look.

This simple design is easy to repeat, mixing up the colours and shapes with each Christmas card you create. Try cutting out silver snowflake shapes as an alternative design to the Christmas trees, or how about some golden stars twinkling in the night sky on black paper?

Sending out a personalised card is such a touching gesture and one the recipient is sure to treasure. So gather your materials and start crafting these cards now, you don't want to miss the last post!

To make your Christmas card you will need:

  • Star punch
  • White card
  • Green patterned paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • White sewing thread
  • Sewing machine
  • White watercolour paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Kraft card blanks

How to make your Christmas card

1. Water down the white watercolour paint to a runny consistency. Working on a protected surface, splatter the paint on to the card blank by tapping the end of the paintbrush. Allow to dry completely.

2. Cut three triangles from patterned green paper – these can be a variety of sizes. If you don't have any green patterned paper, design your own with plain green paper painted and stamped with white and black inks.

3. Position the three triangles on a card blank and stitch each one down the centre to secure in paint.

4. Using the star punch, cut three identical star shapes out of the white card.

5. With the hot glue gun, stick the stars to the tops of the trees and allow the glue to cool.

Esme Clemo
Craft Writer

Esme is Future's resident craft expert, working across titles such as GoodTo, Woman&Home, Woman’s Weekly, Woman, Woman’s Own, Chat, Now, Pick Me Up and The Craft Network. Successfully turning her sewing hobby into a career, she's adept in a number of crafts, including sewing, papercraft, calligraphy, embroidery and printing.