Keep the kids quiet with this pebble people craft

Make these fun and quirky pebble people with the kids. Choosing the pebble family and painting them will keep your little ones quiet for ages. See how to, here.

A lovely idea for a paperweight, ornament or as a toy, these pebble people make a great craft after a day at the seaside!

Get your family to choose smooth pebbles when you’re out and about one day, for their people. Make it a challenge to really get them involved.

Why not get them to design a pebble person for each member of your family?

Or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you could even have a go at making animals, monsters or aliens and mixing and matching the pebbles to make weird and wacky creations. How about making a hungry caterpillar out of lots of colourful round stones?

These make lovely gifts from your children to other grown-ups that they might need to thank, like their teacher, aunts and uncles or grandparents.

You will need

-Flat pebbles in different sizes

-Acrylic paints



-Permanent black marker



Step 1

Paint each pebble white to give it a flat basecoat colour. Leave to dry thoroughly.

Step 2

Decide which stones will be the heads and which will be the bodies. Draw each face lightly in pencil and the details on each of the bodies – where the arms, necklines, stripes etc will be.

Step 3

Use fine paintbrushes to paint the details on each pebble and leave each layer or paint to dry. Finish off by outlining each element with a thin, permanent black marker pen.

Step 4

Varnish your pebble family if you’re going to leave them in the garden. This will make them waterproof and keep the colours lovely and bright.

We enjoyed switching round the heads and bodies of our pebble people to create all sorts of combinations - endless fun!


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