How to make play dough planets

Teach your kids about the solar sytem with this cosmic craft

This other worldly play dough (opens in new tab) planets make will take your kids on a magical journey, all from your very own kitchen...

Speaking of the kitchen, we advise throwing down an old plastic table cloth when it comes to crafting with kids, because they sure can make a big mess for very small people.

All you'll need are a few bits the kids probably already have in their toy box and a big batch of basic play dough (opens in new tab). The rest is done through the power of imagination.

If you've done this craft, or something similar, before then we'd love for you to share a picture with us via our Facebook page (opens in new tab). We get so much inspiration from seeing what our readers have been up to!

You will need

  • Black, red, blue, orange, yellow, turquoise, green and brown play dough

  • Silver, purple and blue glitter

  • A3 black card

  • White chalk

  • Silver stars

Step 1

Make some play dough following the basic recipe (opens in new tab). Add colourings of your choice.

Step 2

Then add some silver, purple and blue glitter to the black play dough and knead well to evenly distribute the colouring and glitter.

Step 3

Next mould the play dough into different planets, e.g blue and green for earth, yellow for the sun, red for mars, and so on. This is a great opportunity to talk a little bit about space and all the different planets. Kids are usually fascinated by all the differences between them and will be keen to learn.

Step 4

Take an A3 sheet of black card and draw rings with white chalk to create a solar system play mat. Decorate with silver stars. And you're done! How does it look?

If you've made a super solar system yourself let us know how you all got on in the comments below, we love hearing from you!

Craft: Suzie Attaway