A fun wooden spoon craft to make with the kids

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  • Have fun with the kids by making these garden-label wooden spoons.

    Encourage your little ones to love growing their own food with our colourful craft project. We put your wooden spoons to much better use than lying at the back of your kitchen drawer.

    Each spoon can be personalised in any way you like, meaning your children could add their names before each vegetable and take care of their very own little veggie patch.

    Remember that once in situ, these lovely wooden spoon veggie labels will fade a little from the elements, so in the first instance paint them a little brighter than you want them to end up.

    If you’re a first time gardener, then pick easy things to grow – salad leaves, beetroot, peas and tomatoes are all good for beginners. Growing quickly and needing limited TLC, this group of veg will pretty much look after themselves and give you great results. This will keep he kids motivated to keep tending their crops, too.

    So not only does this simple craft give you a fun afternoon with the kids, it will also (hopefully!) lead on to them becoming great little gardeners. You never know, they might even make you a meal from their veggie haul… We can dream!

     You will need

    -Wooden spoons

    -Paint brushes

    -Acrylic paint


    -Waterproof varnish

    Step 1

    Give each spoon a coat or two of paint. Choose a different colour for each one.

    Step 2

    Use a pencil to lightly sraw the outline of each fruit or vegetable on the spoon

    Step 3

    Pint the fruit or veg, then allow to dry thoroughly. Add an outline in a darker shade then paint on the name. If you make a mistake, use a clean, wet brush to remove the paint.

    Step 4

    Add two coats of waterproof varnish, so the markers can be used year after year.