This Morning’s Phillip Schofield driven to tears over suicide of bullied teen

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  • This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield was driven to tears after hearing the story of a 14-year-old girl who killed herself after being bullied on social media.

    Mum Nicola Harteveld appeared on the show to raise awareness for online bullying, after her ‘normal’ and ‘happy’ teenage daughter Megan committed suicide earlier this month.

    ‘Megan was bright, vivacious, happy, hugely popular, sporty, confident, outgoing, fiercely independent, just a normal, happy go lucky teenager’, she said on the show.

    Explaining what happened in the lead up to the tragic event, Nicola said Megan’s family didn’t notice anything different about her.

    ‘We’re all distraught, and angry because no one noticed anything different with her.’

    Nicola went on to say that the final message Megan had received read ‘Why don’t you hang yourself?’, to which she replied ‘Ok’.

    It was at this point that Philip and Holly, who are both parents, struggled to carry on with the interview.

    Megan was on most social media networks because it’s the ‘norm’, her mum said, but she was always kind to others and liked to help everyone.

    ‘There’s a lot of pressure to be on social media. It’s just the norm.

    ‘She was always helping other people. If her friends were having hard time they’d all go to Megan.’

    ‘She was targeted because she was kind.’

    Trying to raise awareness for online bullying and the dangerous effects it can have on young people, Megan’s mum urged everyone to be mindful of what you say to others.

    ‘Be careful what you say, words can’t be taken back. They may seem trivial or may be said in anger or jest, but they can’t be taken back. You don’t know how that person will take it so be mindful of someone else’s situation’, she told the Daily Mirror, shortly after her daughter’s death.

    ‘I want everyone to remember there’s always someone to talk to.’

    Nicola appeared on the show alongside fellow mum Lucy Alexander, who sadly lost her son Felix when he took his own life following after years of bullying.

    Speaking during an earlier appearance on the show, Lucy said: ‘I desperately need to raise awareness. I desperately need people to talk about this.

    ‘It’s really simple. Just be kind. It’s a thing that I think we’re missing in out teaching, in our talking. It’s very cool to be snappy and hip with the banter but not to be kind.’