Tractor toys for toddlers: 12 brilliant buys and why your child loves these farm vehicles so much

This curated pick of tractor toys is perfect for toddlers, more so if these farm vehicles are their latest obsession

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We rounded up some excellent tractor toys that are sure to satisfy any tiny tractor enthusiast, and help with their development at the same time.

My nephew is four years old and has been obsessed with tractors since he was 18 months old. I thought this was just because his granddad is a farmer, and had probably spent more time on a farm than most during his lifetime. But when I was researching the best toys for 18 months olds and the best toys for three year olds, toy tractors kept cropping up, demonstrating that it's not just a quirk of my nephew. There are so many great tractor toys out there too - perfect for sensory play, imaginative play and fostering problem-solving skills to boot.

And so we've compiled this list of excellent tractor toys, with options suitable from 12 months, using our extensive product knowledge and real life experience, as well as taking into account popularity, product ratings and reviews on various retailer sites.

12 excellent tractor toys that are perfect for toddlers

Why do kids love tractor toys?

Studies show that from the age of about 18 months, many children can develop an 'intense interest' in a certain concept, and that it can have many benefits for their cognitive development. You might notice your child becoming increasingly interested in dinosaur toys, for example. But they could just as easily develop an intense interest in tractors, diggers, trucks and other large vehicles.

GoodtoKnow's sister brand The Week investigated why kids are obsessed with large vehicles of this nature and found that these kinds of toys hold a special kind of appeal during a child's sensorimotor development stage, where they learn about the world through their five senses, and so toys with moving parts, like wheels, that are brightly coloured, and make sounds are all incredibly engaging.

Additionally, they might have seen real-life tractors while outside of their home, or seen them on TV in shows like Tractor Ted, and be fascinated by their huge size, loud noises, or unusual movements - and so being able to have their very own version that they can hold in their own hands can be a useful catalyst for pretend play and creativity.

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