12 truths every Jumperoo owner knows to be true

It's a 'complicated' relationship...

Do you have one of these at home? Then you'll definitely be familiar with the complicated affair that is owning a jumperoo...

Ah the jumperoo... Or as most parents like to call it, the miracle sent from heaven. But if you've ever owned one, you'll know there's up and downs to this relationship that, if made Facebook official, could only be described as 'complicated'.

Here are just some of the truths any owner of a Jumperoo will know only too well...

1. The removable seat pad is an absolute Godsend

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Let's just say babies aren't exactly the tidiest bunch...

2. It doubles up as a safety barrier between siblings

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Particularly helpful when they're trying to put things up each other's noses, which is ALL THE BLOODY TIME.

3. These are definitely life saviours if your baby isn't quite tall enough...

Not all babies grow up to be Michael Jordan. Tiny humans with short legs can thank decorative pillows for their Jumparoo legs.

4. ...or these

Upside down salad bowls work just as well. Who knew?!

5.You've always thought it took up an unusual amount of space, until someone told you IT FOLDS

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Mind. Blown.

6. It's inevitable that your kid will eventually figure you out

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Let's be honest, your happy relationship with the Jumperoo has always had a sell-by date. There comes a day when your baby clocks what you've been doing all along - sticking them in what they might consider a cage, albeit a fun cage, so you could have just a few minutes to yourself...

7. Still, you try it just a few more times...

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EVERY parent gives it a few more goes, you know, just in case baby changed their mind.

8. But you soon realise that once they start hating the Jumperoo, there's no going back

Image: Giphy

It's time to wave the white flag...

9. After which, the Jumperoo becomes an excellent coat hanger

At least it's serving a purpose. Right? RIGHT??

10. ...or a useful laundry rack

Even more useful.

11. Until it becomes just one more thing you're too busy to clean

Image: Giphy

AKA The Circle of Neglect. Time to sell it...

12. However, despite all the grief it gave you, you'll forever miss those few precious daily minutes alone

Image: Giphy

During which you could really go wild, like go all the way to the loo in peace and have time to something crazy like properly wash hands. You'll be missed Mr Jumperoo.


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