13 infuriating moments every parent of a picky eater has faced

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  • When you’re a parent, odds are you’ll end up with one or more picky eaters in your nest.

    Despite having read all the guides and starting your efforts from weaning day one, you now have a child who absolutely refuses to eat anything more than strawberries, cheese and chocolate milk (which have only just about made it onto their ‘approved foods’ list), and let’s be honest – you love them, but it can be the absolute pits.

    From stressing out about them nearly starving themselves, to spending way too much of your precious time testing which foods they’ll maybe like, it all just gets a bit much.

    Here are 13 scenarios that every parent of a picky eater will empathise with. We bet you recognise your least favourite moment on the list… but at least you’re not alone.

    Having to drastically alter every item on a restaurant menu when placing their order

    No onions, no ketchup, no tomato, and absolutely no mustard. Basically nothing with flavour, thanks.

    When they get ultra-selective about their choice of crockery

    Lunch often consists of just a bowl of dry Cheerios, but only in their special Shopkins cup, NOT a bowl.

    The look they give you when they’ve sniffed out the hidden veggies in their food

    Your efforts to conceal extra carrots in the spaghetti bolognese have not gone unnoticed.

    Wistfully thinking about the time you’ve wasted labouring over food art

    ‘Maybe, just maybe, this time they’ll eat their spinach if I shape it to look like Peppa Pig?’

    When a scratchy texture/weird colour/wobbly consistency is enough to send them over the edge

    The bobbly bits on broccoli may as well be rat poison pellets, for how they’re handling them.

    Hearing the ‘I’m allergic to that’ lie over and over

    Where does it say that on your medical records, child?

    Their panic when different foods are touching on a plate

    Peas must NOT touch mashed potato EVER. Ice cream can touch cake though, apparently, that’s perfectly fine.

    Their painstakingly slow method of eating each type of food one at a time

    It doesn’t make the food taste any better, and it all gets mixed up in your tummy anyway.

    Begging them to try something new because you know they’ll like it, only to be presented with a full-on meltdown

    If they just tried the fully loaded mac ‘n cheese you spent ages slaving over, you know they would love it. Sadly, the texture, gorgeous smell, and colour is just not doing it for them. More for you!

    Having them say they’re not hungry, but then all of a sudden they’re ravenous when it’s time for dessert

    Okay, okay, now you see how it is. Dinner is a no-go, ‘don’t you dare make me eat this’ zone, but cake?

    Having to amp up their vitamin game just to make sure they’re getting enough nutrients

    When your child only tolerates the chewy dinosaur vitamins, you stockpile those babies in case they ever stop making them.

    Feeling so pathetic as you beg and plead them to eat something on their plate

    Congratulations, your toddler now reins supreme over you – and they know it. We’ve all been there!

    Telling them ‘it’s that or nothing’, and then breaking 10 minutes later

    You hope the fear might tip them over the edge, but deep down, you both know that you’ll never let your fusspot to starve. Even if it does mean letting them have jam doughnuts for breakfast.