Trying for a baby? December 11 is the most fertile day of the year

Did you know there's one day of the year on which you're more likely to fall pregnant than any other?

Did you know that today is the most popular day for people to get pregnant?

But, what is it about today in particular that makes it the most fertile day of the year?

Well, the most popular birthday in the UK is September 16, meaning that most people conceive on 11 December.

And the reasons for December 11th being the most fertile day of the year?  There are a few...

Scientists think it's all in the biology, and that the colder winter air improves sperm quality.

However, another explanation as to why it's the most fertile day is that couples are simply having more sex at this time of year.

The festive season means spending more time together, feeling broody with the New Year looming and of course, a little more drinking and partying than usual.

Most fertile day

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There's also the theory that couples will try to plan their conception so that they will give birth in autumn, as it gives their baby an advantage academically.

Statistically, September babies do better at school as they are amongst the oldest in their school year, and can be almost a whole year older than an August-born baby in the same class.

In fact, there are all sorts of things your baby's birth month can mean for their life.

So if you're currently trying for a baby, hop to it, as tomorrow really could be your lucky day!

And, if you're really considering the most effective way to get pregnant, check out our tips on using an ovulation calculator as well. This helps you track your menstrual cycle to work out when you'll be ovulating over the next six months.

Once you figure out when you're most fertile, you can then schedule in some one on one time with your partner.

After all, the nights are getting colder, darker and longer - it would seem crazy not to use it as an excuse to get extra cosy...

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