How your baby's birth month will affect the rest of their life

December baby? Here's what your bundle of joy's birth month could reveal about them...

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January are more likely to become rich and famous, according to a study from the Columbia University Department of Medicine.

While the highest percentage of dentists are born in December, and an unusual amount of musicians are born in February. So what's about your little one's birth month meaning?

Yep, more than just a date on a calendar, the month in which your little one is born could dictate everything from their future career path to their dominant personality traits and even health prospects.

Researchers from the Columbia University Department of Medicine examined records for 1.75 million patients, born between 1900 and 2000. And the result were amazing! Amongst many things, they even found some birth months were more at risk for disease than others.

Babies who were born in June, August, January or December had neither a higher or lower risk. However, the birth month of October had other meanings - babies born later in the year were associated with increased risk of disease.

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The months of the year are also connected to particular astrological signs, each associated with their own unique personality traits. If your bundle of joy was born between March 21-April 19, that means they're under the sign of Aries. So don't be surprised if you detect a independent, fiery nature. While babies born between May 21 and June 21 are Gemini. Their quick thinking and wit is sure to have you in stitches. We've matched birth month meanings with astrological signs for a guide to everything you need to know about your little one, according to when they were born.

We've dug deep to explore what each birth month may mean for your child or future child, taking the term "family planning" to a whole new level - and we bet you'll find this method is more accurate than you might think!

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January baby

Your baby's star sign Aquarius baby (20th Jan - 19th Feb) - see the next slide for Pisces!

A new study published in the Journal of Sciences, which looked at sample of 100 celebrities including actors, singers, sport icons found that the largest number of A-listers fell under this star sign.

As well as potentially being rich and famous, this little one will grow up to be generous, kind and a good judge of character. Once they've got an opinion about someone though they don't end to change their minds, so be prepared for some stubbornness.

Not keen on your little one seeking a life of fame and fortune? Don’t worry, a very high number of babies born in this month go on to follow more 'sensible' careers, including GPs and lawyers.

February baby

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Interestingly, February produces high numbers of babies who go on to become artists, or traffic wardens - not exactly the most similar careers in the world!

Your baby's star sign: Pisces baby (20th Feb - 20th March) - see the next slide for Aries!

Imaginative and sensitive, your little one will be sympathetic to others but can be quite secretive about their own feelings. They might need a little more coaxing to get them to open up to you.

March baby

Mariah Carey

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There's a spike in births during the spring, particularly in March, and this month seems to produce some really creative and talented people - namely musicians, like Mariah Carey - who celebrates her birthday on March 27th.

Might you might struggle for a good night’s sleep. One study suggests that your March baby will likely be a night owl, as children born in the spring tend to go to bed later than those born in autumn and winter.

Your baby's star sign: Aries baby (21 March - 20 April) - see the next slide for Taurus!

You've got a headstrong little one in the making there! Energetic and

adventurous, they'll tire you out, but they make great little leaders.

April baby

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April is the second highest month for producing CEOs and Managing Directors of companies, so if you think your little one is a bit of a bossy boots, you now know why! Their confidence and easy ability to make friends, means they’re likely to be proper little networkers from the start.

Your baby's star sign: Taurus baby (21 April - 21 May) - see the next slide for Gemini!

Patient, reliable and loving, Taureans are very determined. And if you insult them, they'll never forget it (something to remember if your boss' birthday is in April).

May baby

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Sorry to any parents who were dreaming of watching their little one transform into a sporting hero, as babies born in May have the lowest chance of captaining England at sport. But don't hang up those tiny boots just yet. David Beckham was born on May 2nd, and seems to have done pretty well for himself!

On a more positive note, May babies like to get things done and find nothing more satisfying than ticking an item off their to-do list. From tidying up their playroom to sorting out their revision timetable, you won’t need to tell May babies twice.

Your baby's star sign: Gemini baby (22 May - 20 June) - see the next slide for Cancer!

Your Gemini baby will also be a good little communicator . They're very bright and can adapt to lots of situations so are a dream sign to send off to nursery for the first time.

June baby

Can you see your little angel picking up the Nobel Peace Prize in the future? This month has produced an unusually higher number of winners of the coveted prize.

But while they stand out for their intelligence, June babies can become easily bored. After school activities or some variety in their routine could be the perfect thing to keep them on task.

Your baby's star sign: Cancer baby (21 June - 22 July) - see the next slide for Leo!

A Cancerian baby is probably the most emotional of all the signs. Romantic and shy, they take their feelings and others' seriously and provide the perfect shoulder to cry on.

July baby

baby in builder hat

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Summer babies are said to grow up with a positive outlook (must be all that British sunshine!), rather than winter babies who tend to be less positive.

Does your July baby love Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder? July produces high numbers of babies who go on to become train drivers and bricklayers.

While July babies can be very practical, they also have a sensitive side that craves affection.

Your baby's star sign. Leo baby (23 July - 22 August) - see the next slide for Virgo!

Just like a lion, your baby will be energetic, free and independent. Your little one will be confident and a great leader, but also a little attention seeking!

August baby

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Falling under the ‘summer born’ category, August babies can feel like they’re playing a game of catch up with their peers, as they’re amongst the youngest in the class.

But once school is behind them, babies in this month excel in one particular job role – hairdressing. A higher than average amount of hairdressers are born in this month. This is something that could definitely come in handy when you next fancy a cut and blow dry from home!

Your baby's star sign: Virgo baby (23 August - 22 September) - see the next slide for Libra!

Good news, although the school year might be against them, Virgos are highly intelligent and independent. They love getting attention and adoration, but what parents don't love showering their little ones with praise?

September baby

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Your little one will be born into the first month of the academic year, meaning that they could be one of the oldest in the class.

September babies are great problem solvers – another quality that could help them get ahead in the classroom – with a splash of perfectionism thrown in for good measure.

Your baby's star sign: Libra baby (23 September - 22 October) - see the next slide for Scorpio!

Your little one will be extremely sociable and loving, just watch out for their possessive side over their friends and family.

October baby

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Surely one of the best months in terms of your baby's future prospects. It may seem a long way off, but past figures obtained from Oxford and Cambridge found that babies born in this month had an increased chance of getting a university place at Oxbridge - a whole 30 per cent higher than July babies.

And alongside their academic potential October babies have a natural charm that will have people eating out of the palm of their hands.

Your baby's star sign: Scorpio baby (23 Oct - 22 Nov) - see the next slide for Sagittarius!

Watch out! Scorpios can be pretty ruthless when they want something, so just think of all those demands for milk you're going to have over the first few months of their life. But they're also very caring, intuitive and loyal.

November baby

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November babies love learning, and can’t wait to jump into their next book or project.

They may also be more likely to pick up the acting bug. The roll call of actors born in this month includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Jodie Foster and Ryan Gosling!

Your baby’s star sign: Sagittarius baby (23 November - 21 December) - see the next slide for Capricorn!

Sagittarians aren’t afraid to go their own way and think outside of the box. While these qualities could prove ideal for future entrepreneurs, at home parents may struggle with their little one constantly pushing the boundaries.

December baby

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December babies have an upbeat disposition and can find a silver lining in every cloud.

But while they are generally positive people, they can have a tendency towards impatience. December babies want things done yesterday, so expect a few drill sergeant commands to come your way.

Your baby's star sign: Capricorn baby (22 December - 19 January) - see the next slide for Aquarius!

This determined little baby will grow up to be quite the perfectionist and may have a slightly shy side to them, but they'll be forever faithful and affectionate to their friends and family.

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