The 11 children you’ll find in every Christmas nativity: Which one is yours?

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  • Whether your child's school celebrates the end of term with a traditional Christmas nativity play, complete with three wise men and a manger, or goes for something a bit more modern, it's always a time to be proud of your little ones.

    Now obviously not everyone can be cast as Mary in the Christmas nativity, but who said the seventh star at the birth of Jesus wasn’t equally as important? At least they will all get a moment in the spotlight, right?

    However, according to the latest research kids who played the main characters Mary or Joseph in their school Christmas nativity are more likely to be higher earners in the future.

    Turns out kids chosen to play Mary are destined for a career in retail, will love practising yoga, and will earn £39,000 a year. And, tots playing Joseph will work in finance earning £38,000 a year and will enjoy shopping.

    The study carried out by Virgin Media’s Christmas Stars also found angel Gabriels went on to careers in marketing earning an average of £40,000, while innkeepers raked in £37,000 a year and the oxen a whopping £43,000.

    Whether you little’un is the child waving energetically at the front, or the one begging the teacher (loudly) to go to the loo, here are the 11 children you’ll find in every Christmas nativity play…

    1. The one who always suffers a wardrobe malfunction

    Those white tights seemed like a good idea at the time.

    2. The one who always gets picked to be Mary

    It’s because her mum buys the teacher Thorntons for Christmas, isn’t it?

    Christmas nativity scene reenacted by children / Credit: Getty

    3. The one with a weak bladder

    I’m sure one of the three wise men wet himself in the bible as well…

    4. The one who loves audience participation

    WHY isn’t daddy waving back when I’m so obviously shouting his name?!

    5. The one who loves a fight

    Take it into the aisles kids.

    6. The one who has absolutely no shame

    No that is not my son who just picked a bogey out of his nose and wiped it all over the Angel Gabriel’s shoulder.

    Credit: Alamy

    7. The one who shows motherly promise

    Yes that’s right throw the baby Jesus face first into the crib, he’s not the main attraction in this Christmas nativity.

    8. The disgruntled diva

    Deciding to wait until you are centre stage to let everyone in the audience know how disappointed you were with the casting of Joseph in the Christmas nativity.

    9. The one who makes up their own script

    It’s definitely called the ‘manger’ and not the ‘bin’.

    Nativity Play with over enthusiastic participant / Credit: Alamy

    10. The one who is a born performer

    Are your parents paying for acting classes already?!

    11. The one who forgets they are on stage

    Sure, now is definitely the time to trim your fingernails with your teeth…

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