The 11 types of football parents you’ll find at every one of your child’s matches

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  • Ah football, it’s just one of those things that brings people together in our fair, sweet country, and there’s nothing quite like watching your little ones run around having the time of their life at those Saturday matches…

    There are the warm sunny mornings (occasionally), quality family time (when you finally manage to wrestle your family team into the car), the sense of achievement from your child (or tantrums, depending on how the match goes), the benefits of physical exercise (hello early bedtime), oh, and other parents. Beware the other parents. They’re not like you.

    We all know the type, they’re the shouters and the strategists, and they’re there at every game. You usually catch yourself hoping they’re not analyising you in the same way you’re analayisng them. And aside from the loud ones there are also those parents who turn up ready to take picnicking to a whole new level with all sorts of fancy gear. Where do you even buy director’s chairs we wonder?

    Just remember, if you don’t recognise one of these parental descriptions, we hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re probably one of them…

    If you think we’ve missed a key player off the list then let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments below and we’ll add it in.

    Without further ado, here’s a quick rundown of the 11 types of football parents you’ll find at every kids’ match, up and down the land.

    No. 1: The Rule Challenger

    No. 2: The Negative Spectator

    No. 3: The Coach-Rent

    No. 4: The Constantly Concerned Carer

    No. 5: The (ever so slightly) Agressive Guardian

    No. 6: The Referee

    No. 7: The Parent Player

    No. 8: The Pitch-Prince(ss)

    No. 9: The Silent-Strategist 

    No. 10: The Cool-Car-Owner

    No. 11: The Enthusiastic-Amateur

    Recognise one or two of these descriptions? Do you and your friends share the same football parenting traits and stick together, or are you a gang made up of a few of the descriptions above? Let your friends know which of these you think they are… just don’t blame us when they return the favour!