16 types of wine-drinking mum we ALL know

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  • There is no disputing that we love a good glass of wine at the end of the week. (Or in the middle. And we would never turn down a Monday-night wine… )

    We all vowed we’d never become one of those mums who’d punch the air in celebration when our kids finally went to sleep because it means a glass of wine and a Dairy Milk sharing bar on the sofa. But here we are.

    Despite the fact we all drink for the same reasons (to forget we have a huge pile of washing and the children tried to stab each other with a fork again today) the results of a glass really do show each mum’s true colours.

    We all know one of each of these (and if you can’t think of someone, then that person my friend, is you… )

    1. The over-friendly mum

    Your Facebook likes have just gone through the roof and there’s only one reason why. This mum brings out all the heart emojis.

    2. The tired mum

    ‘Can I just go to bed now?’ is a sentence she’s often heard uttering.

    3. The fibbing mum

    ‘I’m not drunk!’ well of course not. She then tries to overcompensate and have sensible conversations about school admissions…

    4. The clean freak mum

    ‘I’ll just clean the whole house now’. Well, wine does numb the boredom of ALL that ironing.

    5. The chatty mum

    She hasn’t even spoken to Barbara in 10 years but thinks now is a great opportunity.

    6. The wild mum

    You’ve never even seen her less than totally together, yet now it’s all ‘let’s do tequila shots and karaoke!’ – she’s always the first to suggest listening to Chaka Khan too!

    7. The moaning mum

    Whether it’s complaining about her hubby or bitching about her mother in law, she needs to rant and you are her target!

    8. The proud mum

    ‘I’m going to list all my children’s achievements and you will listen and nod’.

    9. The confrontational mum

    Just somebody keep her away from any strangers…

    10. The loud mum

    Kiss goodbye to volume control, because this mum is loud and she doesn’t even know it. It’s always the quiet ones.

    11. The hungry mum

    She begs you to remind her not to drink wine when there’s a full fridge in the house, but it never works. No Slimming World guilt here.

    12. The impulse shopping mum

    There’s a reason she fills her Amazon basket at the checkout just before going out.

    13. The emotional mum

    Is she really going to keep crying every time she remembers Tuesday’s EastEnders episode? Yes. Yes she is.

    14. The generous mum

    You know your glass will never be empty when you’re drinking wine together. You want to be angry but you just can’t…

    15. The early rising mum

    ‘I have to get up early tomorrow’ (and I’ll say it every 5 mins), but it doesn’t stop her drinking.

    16. The wine regret mum

    I promise never to drink again… but does it all over again next Friday.

    Which type of wine-drinking mum are YOU?

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