11 undeniable truths only a mum of twins will truly understand!

'Strangers will ask questions. A LOT of questions'

As parents, we know how it feels to have our hands full. But nothing can quite prepare you for the moment you're told that after expecting one, two are due to come along...

Here, Sarah Barnes, blogger at Taming Twins, writes for our blogger platform Because I Said So (BISS) on the subject of some absolutely undeniable truths only a mum of twins will truly understand...

1. Strangers will ask questions

A LOT of questions. People also stare. I always quite enjoyed it as I love a chat but there's no such thing as a quick trip anywhere now (as if two miniature humans weren't enough to slow you down).

2. People say you'll never sleep again

It's not true. The early days are utterly exhausting, especially if they don't wake together and instead take a tag team approach... BUT, as soon as they do sleep through? That sleep is the best you've ever had!

3. You gain new talents you never knew you had

Your hands are so busy holding two babies, two bottles, two car seats, that you learn great skills with the rest of your body. Anyone need a light switched on with my nose? Or a remote control used with my big toe?

4. There's no such thing as too many muslins

'Normal' parents will see your enormous stack of spare muslin cloths and think you've lost the plot. They may laugh, but they have never experienced the conundrum of sick from two directions coupled with giant untamed washing pile. Stockpile muslins like your life depends on it.

5. Nappy hoarding is also a key skill to learn

It only takes one day of playing low nappy supply roulette (and losing) for you to realise that you can never EVER have enough. That panic is the real deal.

6. When they are babies, get used to talking about the birth

People are strangely fascinated about how you managed to squish out two babies.

7. People are easily confused...

If you have a boy and a girl, people will still try and tell you that they could be identical. Baffling conversations about the differences between girls and boys ensue.

8. ... As well as over familiar

Another common question people feel it's fine to ask even if they've just met you, are they natural or IVF? (Umm, do you mind if I don't talk about my ovaries in the queue at the Post Office?)

9. You used to life in the slow lane

Just as getting out of the house begins to get easier, they learn to take each other's shoes off and then you're stuffed.

10. I'm often asked the one must buy purchase for someone having twins

Honestly? A really good washing machine (or a cleaner if you're feeling flush).

11. The work is constant

Before you know it you've kept two tiny people fed and looked after for another whole day and it's time to celebrate with wine and reality TV. It's normal for the days to pass in a total blur and that's okay.

Twins are ace, the first couple of years for me were the hardest of my life, but also the most rewarding. It's all so worth it, just accept that you'll be late wherever you go for the next few years and you're half way there!

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