19 magical unicorn gifts starting from just £1.95

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  • Unicorn gifts are all the rage – but with so many magical item on the market, how do you know which ones to buy?

    We’ve taken the hard work out of finding the best unicorn presents from the high street with our sparkle-and-rainbow filled edit, with prices starting from just £1.95.

    Whether you’re buying for grown ups (in which case we highly recommend that you check out number 16) or little ones, these unicorn gifts will put a smile on their face as soon as they see the glitter through the paper. And of course, we won’t tell if you invest in one or two for yourself as well…

    Unicorn furry headphones, £25, Claire’s

    As if the silver-speckled fur and pink horn weren’t enough, check out those sequin ears.

    LED unicorn nightlight, £3, Flying Tiger

    Flying Tiger have a plethora of unicorn gifts on their shelves this season; this chubby little chap is our favourite.

    Unicorn tape dispenser, £9.99, The Present Finder

    You’ll need two of these – one for the recipient, one for you to wrap the gift.

    Unicorn confetti nail polish, £8, M&Co

    Well, every pony needs to pretty up their hooves from time to time.

    Unicorn blanket, Next, £22

    You know what’s better than a unicorn gift? A unicorn-fused-with-a-MERMAID gift.

    Unicorn snot lip gloss, £5.99, The Present Finder

    Not the most attractive name, granted, but they’re vegan friendly, so you can rest assured that no unicorns were harmed in the making.

    Unicorn lunch bag, £3.95, dotcomgiftshop

    Foil insulated, with plenty of room for sandwiches.

    Unicorn hottie, £10, Sainsbury’s

    Pop this fluffy fella in the microwave for 60 to 90 seconds, and he’ll keep you warm for hours.

    Unicorn pendant, £9.99, Bon Prix

    This gold necklace is at the classier end of the unicorn present spectrum – and they’ll never guess it cost less than a tenner.

    Unicorn portable charger power bank, £15, River Island

    Know a unicorn lover who’s always on the go? This will power them up when they need it most.

    Unicorn bag charm, £6, Monsoon

    Fluffy, multicoloured, glitter? Consider our unicorn boxes ticked.

    Unicorn onesie, £10, Primark

    So if you can’t actually BE a unicorn, surely dressing as one from head to toe in the next best thing?

    Unicorn shower cap, £6, Amazon

    Well, we did say head to toe…

    Unicorn colour melting candle, £16, Paperchase

    This candle melts in a bunch of pretty colours – but it’s only one to purchase if you can bear to watch it melt away.

    Unicorn slippers, £18, Dorothy Perkins

    No judgement if these eventually end up being worn outside too.

    Unicorn tears gin, £40, John Lewis

    Unicorn tears taste like juniper, orange and coriander, with mild notes of liquorice, apparently.

    Unicorn head cookie cutter, £1.99, Party Delights

    The sprinkle possibilities are endless!

    Unicorn emoji cushion, £14.99, I Want One of Those

    If it’s the most used emoji in their phone, this will quickly become the most cuddled cushion in their bedroom.

    Inflatable unicorn horn for cats, £6.99, Prezzybox

    We wouldn’t want your four-legged friends to be left out now, would we?