8 hilarious children’s toys that are unintentionally rude!

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  • It’s great to watch our kids play with toys. But while we love watching their eyes light up when they get a new toy, sometimes it can go badly, BADLY wrong.

    Whether the toy is making a questionable noise, or looks very different to what it said on the advert, every now and again we come across toys that are (unintentionally) a little bit rude!

    While your children probably won’t understand just why mum or dad are laughing so much, sometimes their toys are a little more ‘grown-up’ than they think!

    We’ve rounded up some of the toys that seem a little more…suggestive than the toy companies probably intended. See if you can get through without laughing! (We couldn’t!)

    1. The doll that definitely doesn’t sound like she’s crying


    Apparently the Cry Baby dolls are meant to mimic real baby behaviour including producing real tears, and of course, crying. However, when one mum popped in the batteries she found out the noise it made sounded like something MUCH different. Awkward!

    2. Bim Bim the vibrating squirrel

    Bim Bim might look adorable, but the squirrel toy makes a VERY questionable noise while actually vibrating. Your kids might not think it’s rude, but we can’t stop laughing at it!

    3. This questionable sausage toy

    Silly sausage is a reactionary game for anyone aged seven and over. The giant sausage gives you five commands including ‘Twist Me’ ‘Stretch Me’ ‘Poke Me’ ‘Shake Me’ and Dip Me’. We’re saying nothing…

    4. Tarzan’s hand is a bit misplaced.

    Well, this did NOT happen in the film!

    5.This unfortunate name

    Image: Imgur
    Wouldn’t want to shout that too loudly…

    6. This misplaced rocket

    Image: Imgur
    Why they decided to have a rocket shooting from his crotch we’ll never know.

    7. ET’s finger just looks so wrong

    Image: Imgur
    We don’t know what to think about this.

    8.This Dora the Explorer toy

    Image: Imgur

    Could they have made it a different shape? ANY other shape would have been better.

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