Football comes first! Wales manager Chris Coleman’s wife says he must stay for the Euros – even if she goes into labour!

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  • It’s safe to say the Welsh football manager Chris Coleman is under quite a bit of pressure at the moment. Not only is he hoping to create history and lead Wales to victory at the European Championships, but he’s also a soon-to-be-dad.

    Very soon in fact. Chris’ wife, Charlotte Jackson, is due to give birth in the next five weeks. The longer Wales stay in the competition, the longer Chris will be away from his wife – but that’s not kept them from keeping in touch. The heavily pregnant Charlotte told The Mirror: ‘I show him the bump on FaceTime – in the last few weeks I have grown loads.’

    If Wales win Wednesday’s semi-final, the team will play in the finals on Sunday. However, despite the possibility that Charlotte could go into labour while Chris is still in France, she has told him football comes first.

    ‘He always said he would come back for the birth, but I wouldn’t let him.’

    The couple, who married in May 2015, also have an 18-month-old son, Finley, who Chris FaceTimes twice a day.

    ‘He FaceTimes in the morning to see Finely, and before his bedtime.’

    ‘Finley was trying to give Chris a biscuit down the phone the other day. Chris was pretending to reach for it and then Finley was looking behind the phone as if to say, “Where are you?”‘, she said.

    A Sky Sports News presenter herself, Charlotte admits she’s a massive football fan and that her pregnancy hasn’t stopped her from getting into the football spirit. She flew to France to watch Wales’ amazing 3-1 victory against Belgium last Friday and will be flying back to Lyon to support her husband in the semi-final match against Portugal. She said: ‘I’ve been jumping up and down. At the last game Chris said “Make sure you jump slowly.”‘

    It’s seems her pregnancy isn’t going to stop her support, and even hopes to travel to France again for the final. ‘He is worried about me going [to the semi final]. Luckily the final is in Paris so if we get there I can go by train, because this is the last week I can fly with my bump.’

    Now that’s commitment to the game. Let’s hope the baby can hang on until Sunday!

    Would you be as understanding as Charlotte or would you demand your partner was home near your due date? Tell us below…

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