13 genius ways to get the kids to do their chores

Yes, some bribery is involved.

Kids have many talents, but if yours are anything like ours, doing their chores regularly and properly is not one of them.

Sure, no one likes scrubbing the toilet or unloading the dishwasher - not even dear old mum and dad - but the fact of the matter is that kids have got to learn responsibility somewhere, and jobs around the house are a great place to start.

If you're regularly met with cries of 'but that's boring' or 'I don't WANT to' when cleaning time rolls around, you might be in need of a few extra tricks and tips - and that's exactly what we've got up our sleeves for you here.

Here are 13 genius ways to get your kids pulling their weight. And yes, they involve some bribery...

1. Make life easier for them by putting all the materials they'll need for one job in a handy basket

Image: Joyful Homemaking (opens in new tab) If you hand them some Pledge and a duster, it gets really tricky to come up with an excuse not to dust.

2. These stamp cards, which are available to purchase, give kids a visual incentive (well, that and the reward at the end!)

Image: Etsy (opens in new tab) You can purchase your own instantly-downloadable set from Etsy (opens in new tab).

3. Laminated tick cards ensure they're not sneakily skipping any of the tricky bits

Image: Mads Memories (opens in new tab) Simply use dry-erase pens and wipe clean again for next time.

4. Organising chores by day of the week is a good way to give a sense of structure

Image: Etsy (opens in new tab) Ticking items off day by day means they won't be overwhelmed by everything they haven't done at the end of the week.

5. Turning chores into a game is incredibly effective with younger kids

Image: Pinterest (opens in new tab) Another variation on this is to put everything that needs to be tidied away into a tub, and see who can empty theirs first.

6. This reusable chart mimics a clothesline, in case you're hoping life will imitate art...

Image: Gingerly Made (opens in new tab) Write the names of the jobs to be completed on the pegs and move them along as they're completed.

7. If your brood like their bits and bobs to be personalised, this magnetic number is a winner

Image: Etsy (opens in new tab) A bit of competition between sibling to get the most magnets is never a bad thing.

8. This clever rhyme encourages redemption through chores - do a job, win back a treasured item

Image: Pinterest (opens in new tab) Now you just have to find a receptacle big enough for the X-Box...

9. While a 'toy jail' is a more straightforward version for mini rulebreakers

Image: The Chic Site (opens in new tab) Poor Olaf. Bet he never thought he'd be doing time.

10. The uh-oh jar works on the same principle, but the randomness of the tasks makes it more interesting...

Image: Wondermom Wannabe (opens in new tab) Making the bed, or cleaning the bathroom floor? If you've been naughty, the jar will decide...

11. A points system is helpful if you don't want to give out cold hard cash

Image: Kris and Larry (opens in new tab) We love that the rewards include hanging out with mum and dad!

12. Or you could try a 'rewards store' of desirable toys and snacks

Image: When The Pigs Fly (opens in new tab) We'd probably feel more motivated to hang the laundry if there were a chocolate bar at the end of it, too...

13. And if all else fails? Use the most tried and tested motivator of all: show them the money

Image: The Chic Site (opens in new tab) Anyone else wishing someone would make one of these for them, too?


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