This new website tells you what breed of dog you are and we LOVE IT

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  • As if Facebook, Instagram and Twitter didn’t waste enough time during our daily hours, there’s now a new website from Microsoft that’s come along to aid our procrastination.

    Perfect for the blissful 30-second lull between your children drifting off and the washing machine needing emptying, or perhaps if you still enjoy the luxury of unaccompanied toilet breaks, new website tells you what breed of dog you are, and we love it!

    While you’ve always maintained you would be a golden retriever – glossy, loyal and domesticated – your husband has mentioned more than once that it’s like living with a Yorkshire terrier. So many domestic disputes could have been resolved with this one simple tool, proving once and for all that you aren’t loud and needy… perhaps.

    We decided to test out our favourite celebrities, to see which breed and character traits they are supposed to have – let’s just say some were more accurate than others…

    1. Katie Price

    Maltese – Gentle, affectionate with its family, composed demeanour

    While the pictures look perfectly matched, and there’s no doubt the family affection is true, we’re not totally convinced about the rest.

    2. Jake Wood

    Irish Setter – Eager and a bit stubborn, great jogging partner, friendly

    We are willing to bet that Jake would make a great jogging partner! Although we probably would be a little too distracted to remember to keep running…

    3. Kate Middleton

    Afghan hound – Aloof, couch potato, requires daily brushing

    We’re not sure the Duchess of Cambridge would appreciate being called a couch potato! That mane does look like it requires daily brushing though.

    4. Prince William

    Schipperke – Fox-like face, clever & wilful, friendly with family

    Now this sounds a bit more like it! Definitely friendly with family, not sure about the fix-like face though.

    5. Prince George

    Tibetan Spaniel – Vocal, independent, assertive & watchful

    From what we hear, this really sounds like a description of little Prince George – independent and vocal, Kate says he is constantly bossing everyone around. We are still in love with that jumper.

    6. David Beckham

    Labrador retriever – Strong muscular body, smart, waterproof coat

    We’re a little dubious about the waterproof coat, but the strong muscular body sounds spot on.

    7. Stacey Solomon

    English Cocker Spaniel – Outgoing, needs to be told and told again, athletic

    We wonder if Stacey’s new boyfriend Joe Swash would agree with this description? Stacey is certainly outgoing given her start on the X Factor.

    8. Peter Andre

    Labrador retriever – Strong muscular body, smart, waterproof coat

    Disappointingly Peter got the same results as David – although they’re still on track with the strong muscular body part.

    9. Lorraine Kelly

    Shetland sheepdog – Strong barker, agile & sturdy, loving with its family

    Lorraine is definitely a strong barker and we bet she is completely loving with her family at home!

    10. Andy Murray

    Dutch Shepherd dog – Smart, athletic, independent-minded

    Currently ranked as the world number two tennis player, we love that Andy’s choice was described as athletic!

    11. Ryan Gosling

    Labrador retriever – Strong muscular body, smart, waterproof coat

    Yet ANOTHER labrador retriever – we need some more variation with the menfolk! But yet again we cannot dispute the strong muscular body.

    12. Barbara Windsor

    Yorkshire terrier – Energetic, eager to prey on small animals, vocal

    This is without a doubt our favourite of them all – Barbara Windsor is certainly vocal and energetic – we can just imagine a Yorkshire terrier yapping away behind the bar in the Queen Vic!

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