When having a cat is JUST like having children

Being a mother to a fur baby and actual human children, I have come to realise that they have quite a lot in common. Here's why having a cat is just like having children.

Karen from stoppingattwo.co.uk was selected by our BISS June panel and in her guest blog post raises a very interesting observation...

Being a mother to a fur baby and actual human children, I have come to realise that they have quite a lot in common. Here's why having a cat is just like having children:

1. You understand what every single cry means. It's usually food-related.

2. They would much prefer to sleep on your bed than in their own, and you've given up trying to keep them off it. It's just easier, even if you have to sleep with a leg hanging out of the bed with insufficient duvet to keep you warm.

3. You try them on a new food and they appear to love it so you buy loads of the stuff. They then refuse to eat it ever again.

4. They are more than happy to wake you up in the middle of the night. And then ridiculously early in the morning. Usually by a tap to your face.

5. They see you as little more than a slave to their every whim.

6. They will never let you use the bathroom alone.

7. When you would like a cuddle, they want nothing to do with you, but when you have things to do, they are all over you wanting some attention. Particularly if you are wearing black.

8. They have no problem with eating food found on the floor.

9. They enjoy leaving you less-than-welcome presents, be it dead animals or junk models. And they will sulk if you don't appear to fully appreciate them.

10. They will destroy your furniture. You give up actually owning nice things any more.

11. Running along the sofa is the best game ever. Any parent sat on the sofa is just seen as a fun obstacle to overcome.

12. It doesn't matter how many toys you buy them, all they will really want to play with is a cardboard box.

13. If there is an open cupboard that can be climbed into, then they won't hesitate to do so.

The similarities don't stop with just one - there are lot of similarities between having two or more cats and children...

14. When you call for them, you will usually shout the wrong name first, or an amalgamation of all names.

15. They can switch very quickly from fighting with each other, to a quiet state of harmony where they enjoy each other’s company, and back to fighting again with no apparent factor triggering this change of state.

16. No matter what the other is doing, or where in the house they are, if one wants some attention, the other is sure to appear and want the same.

17. You love them all equally and would never dream of picking a favourite (although you may be slightly happier with the one that hasn’t just woken you up).

18. Parenting children or cats is one thing, but of course, you may have both furry and human babies, and that brings a whole new set of challenges in itself!

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