Which pet is best for my family?

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  • Are you thinking of getting a family pet? There are lots of factors to think about other than how cute they are and whether they'll entertain the kids.

    Use this guide to help you decide on which animal to choose – the care they need, upkeep costs and vet’s bills – so that you’ll enjoy having your pet as much as they love being with you.

    With advice on everything from dogs to frogs, we’ll help you think about how much time and love they’ll need, plus what they’ll cost you, on top of pet insurance or vet’s fees, so you can enjoy having your pet as much as they’ll love being with you.

    A pet can add so many wonderful things to the lives of you and your family. Pets will love you unconditionally, and give kids a brilliant way to express their caring side, and their fun side too!

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    Pets, be it a spider, cat, or bird, can also help to teach your kids responsibility. A pet needs lots of looking after, be it with a walk, special, specific food, entertainment, health checks, and the right kind of home. Whether your family decides to share their home with a dog or a frog, it would be a valuable lesson for your little ones on how to care for something other than themselves.

    Plus, giving a home to an animal in need of one is one of the most rewarding and selfless things you can do. At a time when more pets then ever are being sent, or sent back, to rehoming centres and animal shelters, giving a furry friend a safe, warm, and loving place to live is the ultimate way to give back to the animals we share the planet with.

    But which pet would work best for your family? See below and choose one today…