22 times Ruth was the absolute worst

We all hate you Ruth

What started out as one mum's hilarious Facebook rant about helping her daughter with her homework has turned into a viral cultural reference for mothers everywhere.

The post, which was originally written on the Unmumsy Mum's social media page, focused on a woman called Ruth.

With her glossy hair, a high-flying office career and a successful fitness regime too, Ruth struck a chord with mums everywhere, quickly becoming the symbol of the mum who everyone loves to hate.

Everyone knows a Ruth. The earth mother whose house is always tidy and her children are never late. Ruth has quickly become common parlance amongst disapproving mums who just think, quite honestly, Ruth is the absolute worst.

In honour of all those mums, we've decided to remember all the times that Ruth was just too smug for words;

1. When Ruth has hair like the sun

2. When Ruth has a great job in an office

3. When Ruth gets up every day and goes for a jog

4. When Ruth doesn't let her children stuff raisins in between the sofa cushions

5. When Ruth unwinds at the end of a long week with a chamomile tea not five bottles of wine

6. When Ruth always makes time in the morning to put on make up

7. When Ruth never wears her pyjamas underneath her coat to drop the kids at school

8. When Ruth wears her jogging kit instead of her pyjamas to remind everyone at the school gate she has a Pilates class to go to now

9. When Ruth's children baked vegan brownies all by themselves and even left a slice for Ruth

10. When Ruth never forgets the PE kit

11. When Ruth never sprays the PE kit with Febreze straight from the washing pile because she forgot to wash it in time

12. When Ruth doesn't hate her children for refusing to put their shoes on

13. When Ruth doesn't hide the biscuits and take them to eat in the toilet so the children don't notice

14. When Ruth's children all sit nicely and smile for a family photo without hitting each other

15. When Ruth still finds time to be head of the parents' committee and run a weekly bake sale

16. When Ruth's toddler never kicks her in the face as she is putting them into their car seat

17. When Ruth's children spend a rainy afternoon doing Pinterest crafts rather than supergluing each other to the curtains

18. When Ruth's home looks like something out of a magazine spread

19. When not one wall in Ruth's home is covered in paint and Crayola doodles

20. When Ruth's children have been taught to tidy away their Lego properly

21. When Ruth never just eats the children's leftover fish fingers rather than cooking her own dinner

22. When Ruth never lets her children blackmail her into buying them sweets

Seriously Ruth, congrats. We're all just so happy for you and your perfect family!


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