Simon Rimmer joins Strictly Come Dancing 2017 line up

He's swapping the kitchen for the dance floor...

Simon Rimmer is the latest celeb to join the Strictly Come Dancing 2017 line up, and we couldn't be more excited to see the TV chef hit the dance floor!

The Sunday Brunch presenter is the latest star to be announced as a contestant for this year's edition of the show, where he'll join the likes of Ruth Langsford and Mollie King to compete for the title of dancing champion.

Speaking about his new challenge, Simon said: 'I am so excited, terrified and proud to be invited to be part of Strictly 2017. I've always been a HUUUUGE fan of the show.

'When I put on my sequins and hit the floor it will genuinely be my very first time dancing ballroom and latin. Nobody will try harder, have more fun or get more out of it than me. I can't wait.'

But how well do you know Simon Rimmer? We've investigated everything you need to know...

Who is Simon Rimmer?

Simon Rimmer is a chef, best known for being a co-presenter on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch, which he's been a part of since 2012.

Simon Rimmer presents Sunday Brunch with Tim Lovejoy

He's also a successful author, having published five cookbooks, and owns nine restaurants in the North West of England and one in Dubai.

Speaking to GoodtoKnow, Simon revealed he never went to cookery school and taught himself everything he knows. Instead, he trained as a textile designer but developed a passion for the hospitality industry while working in bars and restaurants throughout university.

'When I bought my first restaurant in 1990, I taught myself to cook. I always loved food, and both my mum and dad are still really good cooks now.

'My background used to be a textile designer and when I was a student I used to always work in bars and restaurants and then I just decided I wanted to have a big career change. I bought a restaurant in 1990 and didn't really intend to cook, but then couldn't afford to employ anybody so I had to go into the kitchen and genuinely fell in love with it almost from day one', he said.

'I love that whole thing of going to the market and buying produce, I love that whole thing of starting with raw ingredients and end up with something delicious.

'I wasn't very good when I started and I've got quite an obsessive personality so that whole thing of developing dishes and flavours and tastes, I just feel in love with very very quickly.'

How old is Simon Rimmer?

Simon was born on 5th May 1963 and turned 54 this year.

What TV shows has Simon Rimmer been on?

You probably recognise Simon's face from his Sunday morning gig on Channel 4, but he's also been on a few other shows.

He recently presented Eat the Week with Iceland, also on Channel 4, and previously worked on Tricks of the Restaurant Trade, Breaking into Tesco's, Great British Menu and Win It, Cook It.

Is Simon Rimmer married?

Simon is very private when it comes to his family life, but we know the TV chef is married to wife Ali.

Ali grew up in Glasgow, and the two met while they were both working as waiters in Manchester, where they currently live.

He told the Daily Record: 'I have a real soft spot for Glasgow as that's where my wife is from. We met when we were both waitering in Manchester. We don't get back much as most of Ali's family are now in England.'

Does Simon Rimmer have any children?

Simon and Ali have two kids - Florence and Hamish. The family live in Chorlton, Manchester and in an interview with GoodtoKnow, Simon revealed that his son is already following in his footsteps.

'My son is 14 and he's really getting into to his cooking. He makes mean American pancakes, that's his go-to dish. He's a good baker, he makes a really great Victoria sponge with chocolate buttercream', Simon said.

'He's just starting to make curries, really simple ones like chicken curry which he's starting to be really good at.'

Does Simon Rimmer have any dance experience?

Unlike some of the other contestants, such as The Saturday's Mollie King, Simon doesn't have any previous dancing experience so he'll be a total newbie in the Strictly dance studio.

Simon has admitted it'll be his very first time dancing ballroom and latin, and he's promised to try his very best so we look forward to see what he can do!

Are you excited to see Simon Rimmer on Strictly 2017? Let us know in the comments!


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