Why do babies smell so good? Scientists think they’ve discovered the answer

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  • Far from being a wonderful coincidence, scientists think they have discovered the truth behind why the smell of newborn babies is so lovely.

    Why do newborn babies smell SO good? If you’re a mum, or you’ve ever snuggled up to a tiny baby then you will know what we’re talking about – that unmistakable, irresistible smell that makes little babies even more cuddly.

    Well, according to biologists, that intoxicating scent is no accident. There’s actually a scientific explanation behind why babies have such a lovely smell.

    Johannes Frasnelli, an anatomy professor at the University of Quebec, revealed to New York magazine that babies have a specific scent to attract and appeal to parents, as a way of encouraging us to care and nurture the tiny, vulnerable children.

    ‘Many people, mainly parents, will say that the baby odour is one of the most pleasant/best odours they have ever smelled,’ Johannes explained to the title.

    ‘There must be mechanisms which allow for a very strong bond between parents, especially mothers, and the baby,’ he detailed. ‘We think that the odour of babies is involved in one of these mechanisms.’

    To support his theory, Johannes conducted an experiment with 30 women. 15 of the participants were mothers, and 15 were not, however, all of the women reacted in the same way when approached with the smell of a newborn baby.

    ‘The brains of women from both categories reacted to the baby smell as if it was a delicious treat, or even a drug,’ reported New York magazine.

    So that’s how, even before they can talk, babies are communicating and capturing the attention of everyone around. How clever!

    What do you think? Do you love the smell of newborn babies? Would you agree with Johannes Frasnelli’s findings? Let us know your thoughts by posting in the comment box below!

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