Why teaching your child to be obedient could actually cause them more harm than good, a child development expert warns

Teaching a child ‘obedience’ might be a ‘convenience’ - but did you know that it could also put them in harm's way?

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Parents are being warned over the hidden dangers of training their child to be obedient, as a child development expert highlights how you could be putting your child MORE at risk.

You might wish your child would do everything you tell them to, especially if you often ask yourself 'is my teenager even listening to me?' when you're trying to get something done at home. The thought of an 'angel' child might be a dream, as you frantically search for ways to discipline your children after your child laughs in your face when you reprimand them.

But a parenting expert has highlighted the hidden risks of training your child to be obedient. Jessica Milburn shared on her @responsive-parenting Instagram account some important things to consider.

She warned, "Training your child to be obedient makes them easier prey for predators. But no one wants to talk about that. We just want obedience because it’s convenient. Because it’s what the school, child care, swim teacher and the soccer coach all expect. It makes everyone’s job easier… well you know who else’s job it makes easier? Predators. Obedience… at what cost? That’s what I think about… at what cost?"

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Jessica went on to highlight one parenting method that doesn't focus on obedience as she shared some exciting news with her followers. "There are other ways to parent that don't focus on obedience as the main goal. One of these methods is Responsive Parenting. I have some exciting news… I have released a new EBook [Finding Your Calm]!! I have taken the Connect Instead of Correct Challenge and turned it into a book. Why?! Because I basically explain how to connect instead of correct in most of the common scenarios that parents ask about."

So the next time you're feeling envious of your friend's child who does everything they're told to do, or feeling pretty low when your child pushes back, refusing to do something, remember that them saying 'no' could well protect them from predators.

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