Saturday Kitchen moments that prove our James Martin obsession is for life

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  • Our name is GoodtoKnow and we are James Martin addicts. If your Saturday morning is dominated by a certain Northern gentleman on a certain BBC cookery show, you will feel our pain.

    We’ve got plenty of reasons why we love this gentle giant, including his love of food, his ability to cook good food and the fact that he makes Saturday mornings easy with his soothing tones.

    After hearing the sad news that James Martin will soon be leaving Saturday Kitchen we thought we’d reminisce over some of the best moments we’ve had with this Northern chap.

    Only a true James Martin fans will appreciate these…

    Just LOOK at him

    All big and strong and fantastic in the kitchen, James what are you doing to us?

    Every Saturday morning, James makes us fall in love with him a little bit more and here are just some of the examples of his perfection.

    1. Getting a call from his mum on his birthday

    His face when he realises it’s his mum on the phone – and then he tries to make it all about potatoes. Oh James, it’s OK to want to hear your mum say happy birthday.

    2. His reaction to this classic blooper

    While certainly not the rudest thing that has ever been said on TV, James’ reaction to his slip of the tongue as his childish guests giggle around him is priceless. OK we may have giggled a little at the slip…

    3. And then he said something even naughtier…

    4. This example of adorable sea bass-induced awkwardness

    Oh James! A technical failure has never been so damn adorable.

    5. His part in this romantic, if slightly awkward, proposal

    … Which we may have re-imagined with him proposing to us… and what?

    6. The dancing

    7. When we finally got to see his firefighting skills

    He may have set the studio on fire (ok, that’s a bit extreme!) but he looked so good doing. Hmmm… is it hot in here?

    8. Oh and more of the dancing

    Breakdancing no less. I think we need a lie down….

    What was your favourite James Martin moment? Comment below!

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