Supermarket haul: 7 genius dinner cheats EVERY busy mum needs in her storecupboard!

Must-have supermarket buys that will make dinnertime so much easier. How have you never bought these before?!

In this week's #KidsKitchen video, Sarah Barnes - vlogger and mum of twins - shares her supermarket haul of the 7 genius dinner cheats she can't live without!

We all have our storecupboard essentials, but when you're cooking for a hungry family and you've got a million other things to do, what are the few bits that make life so much easier?

Here, Sarah shares her haul of what she always picks up on her weekly shop to make life (and dinnertime) simpler...

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1. Tortilla wraps

Tortilla wraps are so versatile! 'They're perfect for making a quick easy lunch; a sandwich, a quesadilla or little pizzas with cheese under the grill,' says Sarah. Why not get experimenting and see what you can make with them too?

2. Frozen diced onions

'I know these are a bit lazy, but they save me a lot of crying,' Sarah jokes, but she has a point! 'They don't work out much more expensive than regular onions... and they're great for batch cooking.' The next time you're big batch cooking, or just making dinner for the whole family, try this readymade option instead. All you have to do is pull them out of the freezer when you're ready.

3. McCain ready baked jackets

Everyone loves a jacket potato, but there is a catch. 'What I don't love is having to wait around for an hour and a half for one to cook while everyone is starving,' says Sarah. These cut out nearly all of the waiting time and are ideal for a 5-minute lunch or a super speedy supper. All that's left to do is pick you're favourite filling. 'They're a great standby to have when hunger strikes,' says Sarah.

4. Rice pouches

'The idea is that this makes us a bit healthier without having to wait around for brown rice to cook, so they're a good cheat,' says Sarah. A great alternative to pasta that's ready in minutes!

5. Readymade cauliflower rice

Just like the microwaveable rice pouches, except it's an extra portion of veg for the whole family. 'This is great for a lighter option because it's just vegetables chopped up,' says Sarah. Super quick and simple, and ready in no time!

6. Carrot batons

You COULD peel and chop up carrots, but 'when things are ready and waiting in the fridge, you're much more likely to eat them', Sarah says. Healthier snacking, here you come!

7. Fruit smoothies

A super easy dessert for the kids, but these are very portable too. 'If you put a frozen one in the packed lunch in the morning, it keeps the packed lunch cool all day and by the time the kids come to drink it, it's just nice and cool and unfrozen,' says Sarah. Genius!SaveSave