Fans slam ‘irresponsible’ Great British Bake Off episode after Noel Fielding climbs into a fridge

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  • The Great British Bake Off has left fans furious after Noel Fielding hid in a fridge on the show, leading to the programme being put under investigation from Ofcom.

    During this week’s episode, Noel was seen declaring the remaining baking time while hiding in a fridge, which fellow host Sandi Toksvig then playfully shut, apparently trapping Fielding inside.

    Despite being presented as a light-hearted caper, the behaviour has led to 24 complaints being made to the TV watchdog.

    Noel updated the bakers on much time they had left before Sandi closed the door on him again.

    While the scene was supposed to be funny, viewers were outraged and took to Twitter to blast Channel 4 for being so ‘irresponsible’.

    One simply tweeted: ‘a fridge? How irresponsible #GBB0’, whilst another agreed: ‘#c4 How stupid can you be? You should never shut people in a fridge even for comic effect! Children are watching this! #GBBO’.

    ‘#GBBO very irresponsible to show a grown up hiding in a fridge’ said another, and a fourth tweeted: ‘Outraged they’d show climbing into a fridge being fun on @GBBOUK. Super fun when kids do it and suffocate – nice one @Channel4.’

    Another raged: ‘@noelfielding hiding in a fridge on #GBBO. Big mistake. People have died doing this. #fail’.

    Many fans were concerned by the fact the programme is a family show and young viewers may try to copy Noel thinking it was all fun and games when in fact it could be very risky.

    One wrote: ‘@Channel4 #gbbo Noel in the fridge? Really not appropriate, kids watching,’ followed by another who vented: ‘How idiotic can #GBBO get! Shutting @noelfielding11 in a fridge/freezer! As a mother @sanditoksvig should know better’; while a third wrote: ‘#GBBO irresponsible after Noel Fielding hides in fridge I cannot believe that the people responsible for this programe thinks this is funny’.

    It didn’t help that Channel 4 tweeted a gif of the moment with the caption: ‘Just when you thought @NoelFielding11 couldn’t get any cooler…’

    One viewer replied with: ‘Seriously? A presenter sat in a fridge? How stupid. Families watch this with children. Have you never heard of imitative behaviour?’

    What do you think? Have people overreacted or were Channel 4 irresponsible to air before the 9pm watershed? Let us know in the comments box below.