Asda is selling chocolate orange After Eights – and they’re perfect for Christmas!

After Eights

After Eights have become a Christmas staple across the UK, and now Asda are selling mint and orange flavour ones which are perfect for the festive season.

The new After Eights are limited edition, and is easy to spot on the shelves due to the fact it’s got a bright orange strip on the side of the box, alongside orange segments.

We’re not sure exactly how long the new treats will be around for, and they’re also an in-store exclusive. If you do want to get your hands on them, it’s best to head down to your nearest Asda ASAP as these won’t be found online - and might disappear quickly!

Shoppers first discovered this product via New Foods UK’s Instagram page, where they wrote ‘New Limited Edition Mint and Orange flavour After Eights from @asda £2 😂😮😌’. The post racked up over 1,500 likes, with plenty of customers interested in the new flavour.

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The comments section was divided on the new product, with one follower not sure of the flavour combo: ‘I hope these don’t taste like when you drink orange juice after brushing your teeth. Vile 🤢😂’.

‘THE HORROR’, another agreed, clearly not convinced by the mix of orange and mint either.

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However, some people were excited about the new After Eights. One follower wrote ‘Xmas game’, clearly thinking ahead about festive treats. We can’t say we blame them.

‘They look so good ❤️’ Added another follower, keen to try the After Eights.

But After Eights aren’t the only product that has been given an orange twist this year. Coca-Cola has released a Diet Coke Festive Clementine flavour (opens in new tab), which is also a limited edition flavour.

With autumn approaching, we're sure that even more brands will be launching festive twists on your favourite products, maybe even some brand new additions too.

After all, what's Christmas without plenty of seasonal snacks? Let the countdown begin...

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