Aldi is selling Guinness burgers and sausages to celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Aldi guinness burger
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No matter what the occasion we all love a burger.

Of course as soon as the sun makes its first summer appearance the garden barbecues are uncovered and polished off and it’s hello sliders.

But throughout the cold and dreary winter (minus the week of glorious sun we were graced with), we have to grasp at any opportunity to dig into a juicy burger.

Halloween platters, New Year’s Eve party nibbles, festive season hangover trips to gobble down a McDonald’s Big Mac.

And the latest excuse for a meaty snack? The upcoming St Patrick’s Day.

And one supermarket has put a clever twist on the grilled classic to celebrate the Irish holiday.

Budget store Aldi is selling burgers infused with the taste of Irish beer Guinness.

The high-street grocer has joined forces with the classic beverage to come up with the delicious burger, which is of course made with 100 per cent Irish beef.

Aldi guinness burger

Credit: Aldi

And the juicy Guinness Burgers are even available fresh as they will be on sale as part of Aldi’s Fresh Meat offers.

Or if you tend to veer more towards the bangers on the barbecue but still want to enjoy the classic Irish taste, the bargain supermarket is also selling sausages made with the popular stout.

Their Pork Sausages with Guinness & Leek are the perfect hot dog alternative to dig into on St Patrick’s Day (which will be celebrated on 17th March).

You can get your hands on both of the meaty offerings in Aldi stores across the country, with the burgers coming in at only £2.49 for a packet of two and the sausages only £1.99 for 400g.

But you’ll have to be quick if you want to fill up on them, as they won’t be available for long and once they’ve run out they’re all gone!

So get down to stores and make sure you don’t miss out – might need the luck of the Irish on your side.

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