Aldi's genius pizza stand will let you cook three at the same time

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Aldi have just made pizza parties so much easier, with a tiered stand that allows you to cook three at once.

If you’re catering for multiple people, we all know how difficult it can be juggling trays around and making sure things don’t burn or undercook. When it comes to pizzas, most ovens can only hold about two at a time.

But Aldi’s handy new stand means you can take out the shelves from your oven, and use it to cook three pizzas at once. The new invention is perfect for parties or just hungry families!

Credit: Aldi

You can even use it to serve up the slices once it’s cooled down too, helping you to save on the washing up and spend more time doing what you love. Now that’s something we can all get behind.

Shoppers can pre-order the stand online for £9.99, with it being released nationwide on June 9th. So if you’ve got a big party coming up, head online and save yourself one before they all sell out. Knowing Aldi, this kind of product will start flying off the shelves pretty soon.

Aldi aren’t the only ones to create something like this, but it’s certainly the cheapest. There are similar versions on Amazon and eBay for £14.99, so this Specialbuy is a bargain.

Credit: Aldi

The trays have a non-stick coating with each of the three trays being 32cm wide by 0.4mm in height. Plenty of room for your conventional oven pizzas, so now’s the perfect time to stock up on all your favourite toppings.

Choosing an oven pizza can be hard, but if you want something a bit more unconventional, Asda are selling a cheeseburger pizza. Featuring tomato sauce, marinated beef and onions, it's a great twist on the BBQ classic. Oh, and it's way cheaper than Domino's too.

If you’d rather have a go at making pizzas at home, we have a super simple pizza dough recipe.

This is a great one to make with the kids, but it’s simple enough to whip up on your own too. It only takes 15 minutes to do, too.

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