Asda is selling a cheeseburger pizza – and it’s £12.50 cheaper than the Domino’s version

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  • Asda is selling a cheeseburger pizza – and it comes in at a pretty cheap price.

    Asda’s cheeseburger pizza is everything you didn’t know you wanted – and it’s even cheaper than the Domino’s version.

    Wacky pizza creations have become somewhat of a staple for the leading supermarket, as they are constantly on the ball thinking about how they can next shock their customers with a surprisingly pleasing pie.

    Back in December, the budget retailer divided the nation with its Christmas dinner pizza, which featured standard tomato sauce base topped with turkey (as the same suggests), pigs in blankets and sage and onion stuffing balls and finished off with a drizzle of cranberry sauce.

    Then when Valentine’s Day came around, the store introduced a heart-shaped pizza for couples to share on the day of love. Customers could even choose from a variety of different toppings, including Mozzarella Meltdown, American Sizzler, Meat Feast, Very Veggie Supreme and Pepperoni Feast.

    And now that summer is on its way, the supermarket’s infamous fresh pizza counter is putting a twist on everyone’s favourite barbecue classic – the cheeseburger.

    No summer is complete without a dose of garden-made baps and so Asda is making it that much easier for you to make sure you get your summer cheeseburger hit.

    For the cheeseburger pizza, the pizza dough base is topped with tomato sauce, cheese meat and an optional burger sauce.

    ‘Loaded with rich tomato sauce, a delightful duo of cheeses, tender marinated beef, red onion and meltingly moreish mozzarella,’ reads the product description.

    ‘After cooking, drizzle on our delicious burger sauce for a BIG hit of flavour.’

    You can get hold of the fast food hybrid from Asda pizza counters across the country.

    And the best part? It will set you back only £2.50! That’s a massive £12.49 cheaper than the Domino’s small 9.5 inch version of the cheeseburger pizza.

    It might sound odd, but it looks pretty delicious to us!

    So will you be brave enough to give it a go?

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