Asda has launched a Christmas dinner pizza with all your favourite trimmings

asda christmas dinner pizza
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Christmas dinner pizza has the nation divided – how do you feel?

In the run up to 25th December the only thing we’re thinking about is our Christmas dinner (opens in new tab). And buying gifts on time. And doing the food shopping. And wrapping all the presents. But you know, Christmas dinner mostly.

So when we hear about new releases that we can add to our favourite annual feast, to say we get excited doesn’t even cut it.

Because prosecco panettone (opens in new tab), giant mince pies (opens in new tab) and the biggest bottle of prosecco (opens in new tab) we’ve ever seen? Mmm we need them all immediately please!

And now one of the country’s top supermarkets is bringing together two of our favourite meals so that we can all enjoy the taste of a Christmas dinner a few weeks early.

Leading supermarket Asda, who recently launched a pizza delivery service (opens in new tab), has brought back their Christmas dinner pizza so we can gorge on a crispy pizza base topped with all the usual Christmas dinner suspects.

asda christmas dinner pizza

Credit: Asda

Their turkey feast pizza is covered in typical pizza tomato sauce and sprinkled with two different types of cheeses. It’s then topped with turkey (as the same suggests), pigs in blankets and sage and onion stuffing balls. The Christmas dinner pizza is then finished off with a drizzle of cranberry sauce.

Asda’s Christmas dinner pizza has divided opinions across the country, with customers taking to Twitter to express their feelings about the festive pie.

‘@asda your Christmas dinner pizza is defo the one’, wrote one user, while another said: Asda do a Christmas dinner pizza. The game has changed people’.

Another gave the festive meal their seal of approval, writing: ‘@asda impressed with the Christmas dinner pizza!! Nom nom’

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However, others have been critical of the Christmas dinner pizza, writing: ‘WHY is this a thing’, ‘No no no @asda I’m not feeling it’, ‘Nothing sounds worse than that’ and ‘The world has gone nuts.’

So will you try it? Tis the season to be a bit adventurous, right?