Asda is launching a boozy rum-infused baking Camembert for Christmas 2020

We can't wait to get our hands on this 🤤
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  • The oozy boozy baking Camembert with rum and raisins is part of Asda's exciting 2020 festive offering.

    Asda is really treating us this Christmas.

    As part of the beloved British supermarket’s upcoming Christmas range, an exciting take on a festive classic is being released.

    A boozy rum infused baking camembert with a raisins glaze, topped with figs and pecans is part of the Asda Christmas food array.

    A baked Camembert is always a popular dipper at a party or could be a melty delight to replace the cheese plate on Christmas day – and we think an alcoholic take on the yuletide favourite will go down a treat this year.

    Large baked Camenbert in a pot topped with raisins

    Asda Large Baking Camembert with Rum and Raisins

    Asda has picked a rich and creamy mature French Camembert to compliment the sweet, sticky glaze and the spicy rum kick. Simply warm it in the oven and get dunking.

    What’s your cheese vehicle of choice? We are a fan of bread for dipping. Celery and crunchy vegetable crudités work well too. But you would be forgiven for simply spooning this melty goodness straight into your mouth!

    Asda never fail to impress with their Christmas food launches and last year left us drooling with the Extra Special Baking Camembert with Garlic.

    Garlic with baked Camembert is a classic French combination. The 2019 version also came with a wreath made from herby bread. But we think the addition of rum to this year’s makes it even more exciting. And we can not wait to delve in!

    How to bake Camembert

    If we have got your taste buds tingling then try making your own baked Camembert at home, you’ll be pleased to know we have all the tips you’ll need.

    In our recipie for baked Camembert, we have simply added a few chopped herbs such as chives or some parsley or thyme leaves. It’s so easy!

    If you are a garlic fan then you may prefer the classic French combination of cloves of garlic and rosemary. Just make a few incisions in the top and poke the garlic cloves inside. As the cheese bakes the gorgeous garlic and herb flavours will amalgamate with the rich cheese creating a cheese lovers dream.

    Camembert or Brie bake

    If you are planning on baking your own Camembert at home choose one that comes in a wooden box. It’s ideal for baking it in. Or for the ultimate centrepiece, we adore this stylist Stoneware Camembert Baker from Le Creuset. Alternatively, a shallow ramekin that the cheese fits into snuggly will work well too.

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