Ben & Jerry's reveal the correct way to store your ice cream

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Ice cream is a freezer staple for many of us, but Ben & Jerry's have revealed you might be storing it wrong.

Ben & Jerry's have revealed the surprising way you should store your ice cream to keep it in tip-top condition.

A lot of the time, ice cream can crystallize when it's in the freezer. This is when it gathers ice and becomes watery, developing an unpleasant texture.

But there's a simple way to prevent this from happening - store your ice cream tubs upside down.

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It might seem silly at first, but according to the ice cream company, it works!

In a post called 10 Ice Cream Hacks That Are Borderline Genius, they wrote, “Freezer burn may be your ice cream’s worst foe.

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Store your ice cream upside down to stop it from crystallizing... or you can just eat the whole tub! (Credit: Getty Images)

“Spare yourself from experiencing this culinary catastrophe: store your pint upside down somewhere deep in the freezer (never in the door).

“Of course, the other popular way to beat the burn is… eat the whole pint!”

There's plenty more hacks where that came from as well, as Ben & Jerry's have also shared a genius way to share ice cream without messing about with scoops and bowls.

"Picture it: you and a friend eyeing the last tub in the freezer. You COULD dig in and methodically and dutifully deposit an equal number of scoops in each of your bowls. OR you could cut that tub right down the middle lengthwise. Instant gratification."

So there you have it. Whether you're sharing with a friend or saving room for a second serving, there are simple ways to enjoy ice cream without the fuss.

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