Burger King launched an alternative to McDonald’s Happy Meals

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  • Fast food giant Burger King has taken on McDonald's by launching their own version of Happy Meals.

    Deciding to counteract the message behind the Happy Meal, their new ‘Moody Boxes’ are being promoted with the slogan: “No one is happy all the time”. Ouch.

    Burger King meals

    Credit: Burger King

    Unlike McDonald’s signature kids meal, you can choose between five different moods depending on what you’re feeling on the day. They’re definitely not kid-friendly either, so you won’t be judged for deciding to pick one up.

    The different moods across the boxes are “Pissed”, Salty,” “YAAAS” and “DGAF” – which stands for “Don’t Give a F***.” We don’t know about you, but we definitely feel all of these moods on a regular basis, so they’re pretty relatable!

    Each meal contains a Whopper burger, fries and a drink, so they’re not as customisable as rival Happy Meals. However, we’re sure the tongue-in-cheek branding is enough to tempt customers to give them ago.

    Aside from simply being a rival to the Happy Meal, there’s a good reason for the introduction of the Moody Boxes. The chain has partnered with Mental Health America, a charity helping those struggling with mental health across the country.

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    This partnership has arrived in time for Mental Health Awareness month, which happens every May. So, it’s all for a good cause which we can get behind.

    A spokesman for Burger King told Fox Business: “With the pervasive nature of social media, there is so much pressure to appear happy and perfect.” Well they’re not wrong.

    Unfortunately, this range is only available in the US at present, and we’re not sure if they’re planning on bringing it overseas any time soon. We can live vicariously through people’s social media posts though, which is good enough for now.

    Which Burger King mood are you today?