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If Cadbury’s discontinued white chocolate Dream bar was once your favourite sweet treat then you’re in luck, as they are set to launch a brand new range of white chocolate products.

After the iconic confectionery brand stopped selling the Dream bar due to lack of popularity, those who were lovers of the creamy bar of deliciousness were left hoping it would make a return.

Luckily, Cadbury’s new trio of white chocolate items could satisfy those Dream-y cravings!

The range of goodies will include white Giant Buttons, white Freddo Treasures and good old slab of white chocolate in classic bar form.

There is one catch, though. The Cadbury newbies will only be available to buy from one supermarket chain in the UK.

The chocolately launch will hit Asda’s sweetie aisle on August 29th and they are thought to be sticking around for a while after that.

So if you’re looking to mix up your choice when it comes to a sugar snack, then these white choc bargains are a great option, as you can pick up the entire range for less than four quid!

The Freddo treasures will only set you back 65p, while the bag of buttons is set to cost £1 and while the bars will be the most expensive at £2.

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Credit: Cadbury UK

Naturally, Cadbury fans took to social media to express their excitement when they got wind of the announcement.

One Tweeted: ‘Epic news! Still miss the Cadbury Dream bar so looking forward to trying this.’

While another swooned: ‘Cadbury’s releasing a white chocolate range is literally a dream come true 🥰🙉✨.’

The news comes just days after it was revealed that Cadbury are also making a change to its original Dairy Milk bar, creating a version with 30% less sugar.

The reduced sugar bar will sit alongside the original Dairy Milk, offering consumers the choice to manage their sugar intake. It will be available as a 100g bar, as well as a single bar that’s perfect for on-the-go.

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