You can now download and print your own McDonald’s Happy meal box

Impress the kids with this fun favourite ‘fakeaway’ at home

Are your kids missing Maccy Ds during lockdown? Then you'll be pleased to hear McDonald’s have shared a link to download and print your own iconic Happy Meal Box.

You could even pop a homemade burger and chips inside to create an authentic version of the meal at home!

McDonald’s shut all of it’s restaurants in the UK and Ireland were shut due to Coronavirus on March 23rd. Since closing McDonald’s has launched the online Family Fun Hub, where you'll find  the Happy Meal Box template - along with free e-books and interactive games.

Fan's are also thrilled that McDonald's Monopoly will be making a welcome return next summer.

Happy Meal Box template

McDonald's have released the Happy Meal Box template

The template comes in two versions. There is the red colour version with a smiling mouth, that you may recognise from the shops. There is also a blank version. The black version could be a fun colouring project to entertain little ones.

The only catch is you will need a large printer in order to create a box the same size as the ones that you get from the restaurant. If like us your printer can only handle A4 paper then you will struggle to fit a meal into your finished box. But creating a mini McDonald's Happy Meal box is  still a fun project!

McDonald's fans have been taking to social media to share images of their homemade versions of McDonald Happy Meal Box.

@MrsRonaldson shared a picture of her completed miniature box along with the caption: “think I need a bigger printer or a smaller child".

Others have even been crafting their own version of the McDonald’s packaging without the template. @scott19853, creations were so convincing they fooled his kids into thinking McDonald’s was back open!

A friend of twitter user @SamuelRJ89 created this ‘fakeaway’ masterpiece. They have clearly spent some time colouring this packaging by hand.

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You can download the printable Happy Meal Box template from the Family Entertainment Hub on the McDonald’s website.

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