Greggs have launched vegan-friendly hot cross buns

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  • Greggs have added to their plant-based range with vegan-friendly hot cross buns, so now everyone can enjoy the classic Easter treat.

    While Easter is still well over a month away, it’s almost impossible to have not caught sight of an Easter egg or treat in your local supermarket.

    From Baileys Strawberries and Cream egg to chocolate eggs infused with Prosecco and gin, Easter egg flavours appear to get even more decadent and obscure every year.

    Hot cross buns are another classic sweet treat that haven’t been able to escape being meddled with. Have you read about Aldi’s new sticky toffee pudding hot cross buns?

    But for those following a plant-based diet, Easter can be a tricky time of year to indulge at the same pace as others because the options are more limited.

    Credit: Greggs

    Thankfully, the UK’s largest bakery chain Greggs has now launched vegan hot cross buns and they are already in stores and Greggs drive-thrus for you to buy.

    Described as ‘irresistibly soft’, these hot cross buns have an orange flavour and are filled with juicy vine fruits and a unique mix of spices.

    A packet of four hot cross buns will set you back just £1 so why not stock up?

    Greggs has actively responded to the increase in demand for vegan-friendly fast food. Greggs’ plant-based version of their famous sausage roll was a sell-out success.

    The bakery also launched a vegan-friendly version of the steak bake which delighted many on social media.

    They have also made the Glazed Ring Doughnut suitable for a vegan diet.

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