Heinz's baked beans pizza is back in supermarkets – here's where you can find the nostalgic treat

Beans on pizza is about to make a comeback

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Heinz has brought back its legendary Baked Beanz Pizza, nearly twenty years after it was discontinued. 

It's official – the iconic savory treat is about to make a revival. Heinz Beanz Pizza will return to UK supermarket shelves at the end of November, just in time for the cozy Christmas season. 

The American food giant confirmed on Tuesday that the delicious box meal would be available in Iceland and The Food Warehouse, much to the delight of 90s children across Britain and Ireland. Heinz Beanz Pizza had a reputation as a cult family favorite at the tail-end of the 20th century, serving as the perfect kids' party food or just a quick oven dinner when there wasn't the time to cook. 

It was discontinued in 2003, however, leaving its loyal customers grieving the loss of its delicious beany goodness. Heinz sold the product again in 2019, but only as part of a restaurant collaboration with Deliveroo to celebrate the company's 150th anniversary. A plant-based version of the Heinz Beanz Pizza was also available for vegan customers and or those with food intolerances. 

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Described on its website as 'light and crispy base with tasty tomato sauce, topped with Heinz baked beans, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese', the pizza is the perfect solution to settle the age-old teatime debate – beans on toast or cheese pizza?

The online reaction to Heinz Beanz Pizza's rebirth has been one of delight and anticipation, as young adults nationwide rejoice at the thought of soon being able to revisit the salty taste of their beloved childhood meal. 

"I used to love Heinz bean pizza when I was younger," one excited customer wrote. 

"The sheer bliss that is a Heinz beanz and cheese pizza," another person said, while one superfan compared it to "the invention of the light bulb, penicillin, and television." 

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How many calories are in a Heinz Beanz Pizza? 

Half of a Heinz Beanz Pizza contains 399 calories, while the whole pie has just under 800. If you're looking for a healthier option, you can always throw a few Heinz Baked Beanz into this recipe for how to make cheese and tomato pizza

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