Iceland is selling new Space Raiders and Hula Hoops oven snacks

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Iceland is selling frozen Hula Hoop and Space Raiders oven snacks and they're totally taking us back to our packed lunch days. 

Who needs potato smileys, frozen waffles and oven chips when there are two new potato products ready to brighten up your dinner table.

And what are these super cool dinnertime snacks? It's the Iceland Space Raiders and Hula Hoops frozen potato shapes, of course.

The crisps shaped potato snacks, which were first seen on New Foods UK's Instagram and are available in store at Iceland now.

Both crisp-inspired flavours are currently available for £1.50 in 680g bags.

Space Raiders® Pickled Onion Flavour 680g

Space Raiders® Pickled Onion Flavour 680g
(Image credit: Iceland)

The sneak peek post received thousands of likes and comments, so we don't doubt that these will go down well with those keen to experience the taste of their favourite nostalgic snacks again.

The Space Raider shapes aren't the only ones available; Iceland has also launched versions of the famous Hula Hoops original, BBQ Beef, Salt and Vinegar and Cheese and Onion flavours.

What's more, the new potato snacks are super easy to cook; all you have to do is pop them in the oven.

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The potato snacks have been a big hit online as one shopper commented, 'My kind of hula hoops 🔥🔥🔥'

Another excited foodie added, 'These look good😍'

Not convinced by the concept of crisp-flavoured oven snacks another added, 'Bought and tried the bbq beef ones today, nothing special personally and the flavour wasn’t as strong as I thought it might have been.'

That's not everything Iceland has to offer; they also have a new dreamy lotus Biscoff Ice Cream Cake. With so many options, there's bound to be something for everyone in the family.

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