'So insulting' James Martin angers viewers over geography mistake in his new show

James Martin has received backlash on social media after viewers spotted geographical errors in a segment of his new show.

During an episode of James Martin’s Great British Adventure – his new show where he goes around the UK discovering the best of British cuisine - the chef was exploring the Welsh culinary delights when he made a number of geographical blunders.

Despite being a country, Wales was described as being a principality, while a map of the area showed Pembrokeshire as covering all South Wales.

It also showed that Ynyshir is on the west coast near Aberystwyth, when it is just above Cardiff.

Viewers were not happy about the errors, with one viewer tweeting alongside a video of the segment: ‘Following on from ‘Rhyll, South Wales’, more Welsh ‘facts’ from ITV, this time courtesy of ‘James Martin’s Great British Adventure’. There are no words. #greatbritishadventure’.

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Another responded to the tweet: ‘there’s so much wrong with this it’s painful.. ’

A third added: ‘Wow. That's approximately ZERO research done there.'

A fourth viewer also wrote: ‘Incredible. So insulting. Hard to believe someone’s been paid to produce this rubbish.’

Following the backlash, the former Saturday Kitchen presenter was forced to apologise on social media, but lashed out at the abuse he received.

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His statement read: ‘I have been made aware of a problem with the map and voiceover script to a 18 second clip on yesterday’s show. It was a genuine mistake and one that will be rectified.

‘I apologise for this error and for any offence caused, but some of the abuse online aimed at me is vastly uncalled for given my love for Wales and the whole of the UK and all it has to offer.’

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Mariana Cerqueira
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