John Torode reveals the surprising cooking technique everyone should master

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  • John Torode stars in a brand new season of the popular John and Lisa’s Weekend Kitchen alongside fiancée Lisa Faulkner, but you might be surprised by the cooking technique he wants you to master…

    The duo has been keeping ITV viewers company every Sunday morning, and will now be a permanent feature on the laziest day of the week.

    Speaking about working together on the show, John confessed mixing business and pleasure has been a good recipe for the couple as he hasn’t found working with his wife-to-be difficult.

    He said: ‘It’s just really lovely to film and when you quite like someone, it’s really nice to work with them! And it’s not difficult.

    Credit: ITV

    ‘We go and do what we do and it’s lovely. As far as learning stuff, we always learn stuff about each other and that’s the whole idea of it. And there’s always a surprise here and a surprise there.

    ‘The culinary world is basically a huge place and I think at times it can be really daunting. I think if anything, hopefully the viewers just realise that they don’t have to cook anything too complicated with us. And that if you put a smile on your face, it will be okay. Cooking is good fun!’

    Lisa also echoed the sentiment, revealing that she always learns something new from her partner.

    ‘I always learn stuff from John. It’s amazing, because he does stuff and makes everything look easy’, she said.

    ‘He has a tip or knows something that makes you go “Wow, I never knew that.” You know like how oil stops bubbling when it’s ready. So I learn all this stuff from him that I didn’t know. He always comes up with more tips, he’s full of them!’

    But when asked what’s the cooking technique everyone should master in kitchen, John gave an answer that will definitely surprise you.

    ‘I think it’s called “The Relax”. I think everybody just gets all tense in the kitchen. Most people come to your house because they love you, they like you, they’re your friends usually’, he said.

    ‘Very few people drop in unexpectedly and if they do drop in unexpectedly, tell them they should have brought a packet of biscuits with them. Cook the things that you really like to eat. It’ll taste better. ‘

    Watch John and Lisa’s Weekend Kitchen on Sundays at 9:25am on ITV.

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