KFC is offering bargain deals on their meals and buckets – and everyone can get them

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  • No matter how many health trends are around, fast food will never get old.

    There’s something about the juicy chicken, soft burgers and crispy fries that are so comforting and moreish that it will always be one of our favourite weekend treats.

    And don’t get us started on the soft drinks. How is it that a large diet coke from McDonald’s always tingles the tastebuds so much more than a standard can from the fridge?

    And the fact that this is all handed to us on a tray or in a paper bag within a matter of minutes just solidifies the fact that fast food is what dreams are made of.

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    Bonus points for any branches that have a drive-thru. We are so down for being able to binge on junk food without even having to take off our slippers.

    But as much as we’ve been loving a bit of McDonald’s recently (Galaxy McFlurries are back and Big Macs now have bacon – it’s a good time to be alive), we couldn’t help but notice the killer deals being offered by KFC.

    The fried chicken specialists are offering three money-saving deals – and you can get them in all of their branches.

    For a limited time only you can get a 14 Piece Bargain Bucket, with four regular fries, for £14 (saving £2.49), a Fillet Tower Meal, regular fries and regular drink for £4 (saving £0.99) and a Hot Wings Snackbox for only £1.50.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, the restaurant chain is bringing back their Chicken Tuesdays offer. Every Tuesday you will now be able to get nine pieces of original recipe chicken for only £5.99!

    KFC bargain app deals

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    All you have to do to get the mouth-watering deals is download the app, sign up for an account and then show the code at your local chicken branch.

    Unfortunately the low prices aren’t a permanent fixture so you’ll have to get down there before 10th March to make the most of the discount.

    But Chicken Tuesdays will be staying around so you can head down and take advantage of that as long as you want.

    Looks like Two for Tuesday has got some competition.