Lidl is the FIRST supermarket to sell pink prosecco - and it's a bargain!

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Lidl's Rosé Prosecco is just £6.49

If you've already stocked up on all the great alcohol deals online, (opens in new tab) you might want to add this Lidl pink Prosecco to your shopping list.

Lidl has become the first UK supermarket retailer to sell pink Rosé Prosecco - after a recent Italian law change meant the Pinot Noir grapes can now be used to make the sparkling wine with a hint of pink.

Customers will be hunting down the bottles after they went on sale in stores nationwide from 2nd November.

Priced at just £6.49, Lidl's Rosé Prosecco has tasting notes of fruity strawberry with an attractive pale pink finish. It is described as being not too dry with a gentle fizz - perfect for those who enjoy the taste of a classic Prosecco but want to try something new.

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Paul McQuade, Head of Wine Buying at Lidl GB said, "We are really excited to be the first UK retailer to sell Pink Prosecco to customers, and know that it is a hotly anticipated product for the festive season.

“Our award-winning Prosecco range is very popular with customers up and down the country so we are pleased to be able to bring them a UK retailer first, at a fantastic price to boot.”

And shoppers are already going wild for the fizz. One wrote, "One for us to try ladies" a second customer put, "Look at the price of this ! bargain !" and another added, "Need to go to Lidl tomorrow.

Meanwhile a fourth shopper added, "This is essential right?" after many shops are set to only sell essential items amid lockdown 2.0 in the UK which is set to be imposed this week.

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Make sure you add it to your shopping list, you wouldn't want to forget what your went to the supermarket for...