Lidl’s Queen Margot Whisky has been named one of the best in the world

And it’s only £13.49 a bottle

Lidl whisky

If you love whisky you’ll want to grab a few bottles of Lidl’s Queen Margot Whisky as it has been named one of the best whiskies in the world.

In recent years supermarkets like Lidl have truly upped the game when it comes to cheap alcohol that tastes as good as, and often better than, more expensive bottles of spirits and wine.

Lidl has several award-winning bottles of booze under its belt and now it has another prestigious award to add to its tally.

Even those with little or no knowledge of whisky, probably associate it as a spirit with a big price tag, especially for the best quality bottles.

But if you’re looking to get into whisky without shedding out loads of cash, Lidl have a fantastic bottle to get started with. Plus, it has just been named one of the best in the world!

Lidl’s Queen Margot whisky scooped the coveted titled of Best Scotch Whisky at this year’s World Whiskies Awards and beat competitors which retail at more than double its price.

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A bottle of Lidl’s Queen Margot whisky will set you back just £13.49 compared to a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label which costs around £24.

Lidl’s Queen Margot whisky is created using traditional methods and matures in oak casks for eight years to produce a whisky with a smooth texture and warm finish.

It is described as having soft aromas of dried apricot and plum with a rich sweetness and depth of flavour.

Expensive whisky is usually served straight with a single ice cube or sometimes a dash of water.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day creeping around the corner, a bottle of this could make an excellent gift for any whisky lover.

If whisky isn’t your thing and you’re still very much on the gin bandwagon then you’ll also be pleased to hear that Lidl was awarded Own Brand Gin Supermarket of the Year and Gin Magazine’s Icons of Gin awards.

lidl hortus pomegranate gin


Lidl’s Hortus gin gets lots of rave reviews and people were thrilled last year when the supermarket launched its first travelling gin bar.

You can buy the Hortus gin in two different varieties, Citrus Garden and London Dry and two different gin liqueurs, Pomegranate and Rose and Rhubarb and Ginger.

The supermarket often release new flavours throughout the seasons so we’re hoping they’ll have some new bottles for spring or summer…

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Jessica Ransom
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