The best cheap wine buys in the supermarkets

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  • Forget spending a small fortune on a bottle of wine, we’ve rounded up all the best budget wines you can pick up from your local supermarket for under a tenner!

    It’s hard sometimes to know which wine to pick especially when there’s so much choice in the supermarkets. And it’s even harder to decide whether it’s worth spending an extra quid here and there for that bottle.

    If you’re after a good bottle that’s a bargain, look no further, as we’ve rounded up the best budget wines from Lidl, Asda and Morrisons, alongside some fabulous Aldi wine offers too.

    Morrisons, Mastercraft Sauvignon Blanc, £10

    best cheap wine Mastercraft Sauvignon Blanc

    This wine from Morrisons was awarded 97 points out of a possible 100 at the Decanter 2018 World Wine Awards! It has aromas of elderflower, passionfruit and gooseberry and beat its pricer rival from Marks & Spencer! It usually costs £10 but is on special offer for £7 until 12 June 2018.

    Asda, Extra Special Viognier, £5

    This fab wine from Asda is often on offer at £5 which makes it an absolute steal. This lovely wine has really nice, smooth peachy flavour that’s just as nice enjoyed with friends over dinner, as it is at the end of a long, hard day by yourself!

    Aldi, Berton Vineyards Botrytis Semillon, £5.99

    This lovely dessert wine from Aldi was recently awarded a gold medal by industry experts at the International Wine and Spirits Challenge (IWSC), trumping bottles that were three times as expensive. It just goes to show that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better!

    M&S, Las Falleras Rosé 2015, £5.00

    A fiver for a good bottle of Rosé is such a good deal and this nice little bottle from M&S is such a treat. It’s got nice raspberry notes and is delightfully light.

    Lidl, Picpoul de Pinet Mascavinae, £6.99

    This refreshing white wine is dry, crisp and appetising and it goes really well with lighter fish and seafood dishes. At under a tenner, it’s definitely a bargain too.

    Co-Op, Mc Guigan Shiraz, £6.69

    This Shiraz comes from Australia, where the State borders of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia meet and the climate is just right for making rich, smooth wines. This wine is available only at Co-Op and it’s one you just can’t miss.

    Morrisons, Asado Club Malbec, £7

    When it comes to wine, we doubt you can get more colourful and fun than these bottles of Malbec from Morrisons. We’ve always been taught, however, that it’s not what’s on the outside that counts, it’s the inside and lucky for us, this lovely red tastes just as good as it looks… What a treat!

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