Best cheap wines: 25 award-winning supermarket wines under £10

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  • Looking for the best cheap wines on supermarket shelves? We’ve done the research and rounded up the budget-friendly buys you need to know about.

    Whether you’re after red, white or rose – or a bottle of bubbly – we’ve got you covered, compiling the best wines at Aldi, Tesco and Morrisons. Alongside some fabulous Lidl wine offers too.

    And once you’ve got your hands on a certified award-winner for under a tenner, might we suggest you familiarise yourself with our best hangover cures. After all – it would be rude not to fully take advantageous of these incredible deals…

    Best cheap wines: £5 and under
    Best cheap wines: £10 and under
    Best cheap fizz: £10 and under

    Best cheap wines: £5 and under

    1. Tesco Chilean Merlot

    Soft and smooth with a punch of plums and a kick of cherry, this chilean red takes the crown as one of the best cheap wines in supermarkets today. Not only is this a bronze medal winner at this year’s International Wine Challenge awards, it’s also available to pick up for just £3.99! “A smooth decent red, very easy drinking and really good value. Would actually buy again,” wrote one Tesco reviewer. The perfect accompaniment to red meat dishes.

    VIEW AT TESCO | £3.99

    2. Toro Loco Superior

    one of the best cheap wines - toro loco red

    Credit: ALDI

    This cheap wine is a perfect reflection of its name – ‘Toro Loco’ which translates to ‘Crazy Bull’ in English. On sale at a crazy £4.25 a bottle, this medium bodied Spanish wine is fresh and juicy, and goes gorgeously with Spanish Tapas. “Fantastic wine, unbelievable value,” wrote one satisfied ALDI shopper – supporting its 4.5 star reviewer ranking. It’s also racked up a few awards too – taking home gongs at both the IWC and 2021 Berliner Wein Trophy.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £4.25

    3. Morrisons Soave

    one of the best cheap wines - Morrisons Soave

    Credit: Morrisons

    This suave soave is one of the best cheap wines you need to know about. The £4.25 bottle of white sold by Morrisons earnt a silver commendation at the 2021 International Wine Challenge, boasting a higher rating from critics than bottles sold for six times the price! One Morrisons customer agreed it was “a very nice white” which was recommended to them by BBC’s Saturday Kitchen Live. We’ll be adding at least 4 to our cart.


    4. Yellowwood Mountain Shiraz

    Asda wine

    Credit: Asda

    If you’re making a stop down Asda’s wine aisle, be sure to pick up a bottle of this rich and bold South African Shiraz. Boasting ripe blackberry and plum notes, with a slight hint of spice it works wonderfully with beef dishes or your Sunday roast. And it’s available for less than a fiver! Scooping a bronze medal in the 2020 IWC awards, ASDA reviewers claimed it’s the “ideal” midweek wine – thanks to it being very “drinkable”.

    VIEW AT ASDA | £4.25

    5. Toro Loco Spanish Rosé

    one of the best cheap wines - toro loco rose

    Credit: ALDI

    This vibrant, off-dry Spanish rosé has been picking up awards since 2019 and most recently secured gold in the 2021 Berliner Wine Trophy challenge. One Aldi customer gave it a 5-star rating, adding: “This has a fullness and complexity that others at this price just don’t have, yet remains deliciously dry.” Oh, and the best part: it’s only £4.49… Viva España!

    VIEW AT ALDI | £4.49

    6. Winemaker’s Selection Fairtrade Paarl Chenin Blanc

    Winemaker's Selection Fairtrade Paarl Chenin Blanc

    Credit: LIDL

    This £4.79 South African Chenin Blanc is one from the Winemaker’s Selection range – a line of Lidl wines that are carefully curated by wine experts. It boasts a lovely dry, citrus and honey flavouring. Plus the IWSC bronze medal 2020 AND the approval of Master of Wine Richard Bampfield. One review declared: “Another good offer from lidl, great value for money!” Sip alongside a plate of seafood this summer.

    VIEW AT LIDL | £4.79

    7. Dealuri Romanian Rosé

    one of the best cheap wines - Dealuri Romanian Rosé

    Credit: ALDI

    This pale pink rosé offering from ALDI boasts both a bargain price and a bronze medal at this year’s Independent Wine and Spirits Challenge (IWSC). It’s rich raspberry and cherry aromas make for a crisp and fresh wine that’s goes great with grilled meats or salads. One reviewer hailed this Romanian rosé as “absolutely delicious” and “enjoyable in the sun”.  “I highly recommend this beverage,” they add.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £4.99

    8. Tesco German Riesling

    Tesco German Riesling

    Credit: Tesco

    Tesco boasts some of the best cheap wines on the market and this German riesling is no exception – thanks to it’s high quality and low price. Its balanced flavours of sweet baked apples and zingy citrus no doubt helped it earn a bronze badge at this year’s IWC. Though Tesco shoppers have been just as rapturous in their praise for it – giving it an average 4.8 stars online. One noted: “Excellent, clear and refreshing. Not too dry and lovely finish. Good with curry or oriental food – will buy again.”

    VIEW AT TESCO | £5

    9. Tesco Rioja Blanco

    Tesco Rioja Blanco

    Credit: Tesco

    This 2021 bronze IWSC winning white Rioja is one of the best cheap wines to try. And the reviews speak for themselves, with one pleased Tesco customer commenting: “I love a white Rioja and this is terrific value at £5 a bottle.” You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the subtle and elegant floral flavours of this crisp concoction that’s delicious with a salmon supper.

    VIEW AT TESCO | £5

    10. Tesco Beaujolais Rouge

    one of the best cheap wines - Tesco Beaujolais Rouge

    Credit: Tesco

    This French Beaujolais beauty is an absolute steal for £5. If you like your reds vibrant with bright and juicy flavours, then be sure to pick up a bottle during your next Tesco shop.  Heavenly with cured meats and cheeses, it received a mention in the bronze IWC category for 2021 and for good reason too. One Tesco shopper said: “Recommend by a wine expert on the telly so thought I’d give it a go…light, fruity, just as described. Easy drinking without pairing with food, although some brie and crackers would be lush with this wine. Superb price!”

    VIEW AT TESCO | £5

    Best cheap wines: £10 and under

    11. Specially Selected Italian Soave

    one of the best cheap wines - Specially Selected Italian Soave

    Credit: ALDI

    It’s hard not to like this medium dry Italian Soave, thanks to it’s delicate honeysuckle and elderflower flavours and incredible price (read: £5.49). One ALDI shopper agreed calling this a “soft, fruity and very drinkable” wine that works well “as an aperitif or with shell fish if super cold”. And it’s impressed a fair few wine connoisseurs too – earning the silver and bronze medal respectively at the International Wine and Spirit Challenge (IWSC) and IWC.  Serve chilled between 8-10 degrees for maximum enjoyment.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £5.49

    12. Mimo Moutinho Vinho Verde

    Credit: ALDI

    If you’ve been to Portugal, then you’re no doubt familiar with the delicious Vinho Verde – a native Green Wine (‘verde’ meaning green) that is designed to be drunk early owing to it’s fresh, crisp and fruity aroma. The good news is you don’t have to travel to the country to get your hands on this citrus beauty – as Aldi sells it online and in-store for just £6.49. With a touch of mandarin and a tasty tropical smell – we’re confident you won’t be disappointed by this 2021 silver International Wine Challenge winner.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £6.49

    13. Morrisons The Best Pinotage

    A bottle of Morrisons Pinotage red wine

    Credit: Morrisons

    This Morrison’s own Pinotage is definitely one of the best cheap wines on the shelves. With this £6.75 beauty being the only red out of 49 wines to score gold at the 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards. And all whilst beating rivals that cost nearly ten times the price! “Pinotage can really divide opinions and we found this one to be fab,” wrote one Morrisons shopper. “Dead juicy and lush with some good spice and tannin on the finish.”


    14. Tesco Vina Del Cura Rioja Crianza

    Tesco Vina Del Cura Rioja Crianza

    Credit: Tesco

    People are raving about this rich and medium bodied Rioja on sale at Tesco for under £7. It’s 4.3 star rating on has helped its status as one of the supermarket’s best cheap wines, with one reviewer commenting: “Very soft on the palate with a rich taste with very light oak. I would recommend this wine to anyone who likes red wines.” A 2021 bronze IWC winner, we’ll be stocking up on this one for sure.

    VIEW AT TESCO| £6.75

    15. Tesco Finest Pinot Grigio Blush

    Tesco Finest Pinot Grigio Blush

    Credit: Tesco

    “Deliciously light and very glugable. No bitter after-taste,” one Tesco customer wrote about this particular bottle of Pinot Grigio Blush. Part of the supermarket’s finest range for a reason, this crisp and peachy Italian rose picked up a commendable bronze at this year’s IWSC. And we can’t resist a bottle or two at this brilliant price.

    VIEW AT TESCO | £7

    16. Silver Moki Sauvignon Blanc

    one of the best cheap wines -Silver Moki Sauvignon Blanc

    Credit: Sainsbury’s

    Those in the know, will be familiar with the popular wine reviewing site Vivino. Boasting an impressive 51 million users, this community really know their wine so when they hail this as one of the best cheap wines out there – you know it’s one to try! This Silver Moki sauvignon blanc on sale at Sainsbury’s has a generous 4.1 star rating, with one Vivino member suitably impressed by it’s citrusy flavours: “Delicious NZ sauvignon blanc! Wet stone, grapefruit, gooseberry and tropical fruit on the nose and palate. Zesty yet full of flavour!”


    17. Wairau Cove Rose

    Wairau Cove Rose

    Credit: Tesco

    This bronze IWC 2021 award-winning rose is worth popping into stores for, especially when available at £7.50 a bottle. A fruity offering that goes well with fish, it’s certainly caused a stir online. “This wine is delicious,” wrote one satisfied Tesco shopper. “A medium dry rose, perfect flavour, not too sweet, nor to dry and vinegary. I have tried all the other rose wines on Tesco website that are of similar price and this is definitely the best!”

    VIEW AT TESCO | £7.50

    18. Trivento Reserve Malbec

    18. Trivento Reserve Malbec

    Credit: Iceland

    Curiously the name Trivento comes from three winds; Polar, Zonda and Sudestada. And it’s these winds that help make Mendoza in Argentina the successful wine growing region it is. This bright crimson red is one of the best cheap wines at Iceland, with £8 a bottle a pretty price to pay for this award-winner. Master of Wine Tim Atkin singled this out in his Best of Argentina wine report in 2020. And we’re sure it’s because – like us – he couldn’t get enough of the velvety plum and vanilla notes that beautifully align whilst left to age for 6 months in a barrel.


    19. Porto 6 Lisbon 2019

    one of the best cheap wines - Porto 6 Lisbon 2019

    Credit: Majestic

    It’s not only the pretty label that makes this rich red one of our best cheap wines. When British chef James Martin says this is one of the nicest reds he’d tasted in ten years of Saturday Kitchen, you know it’s one to add to your basket. Juicy, jammy and with bold forest fruit flavours, it really is a beautiful award-winning wine that’s not to be missed for the price.

    VIEW AT MAJESTIC | £8.99

    20. Winemaker’s Selection Marlborough Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

    Winemaker's Selection Marlborough Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

    Credit: LIDL

    Lidl’s Winemaker’s Selection range also features this very reasonably priced sparkling Sauvignon Blanc. Reviewers love this IWSC 2020 bronze medal winner thanks to it’s floral aromas – typical of a Marlborough Sauvignon – teamed with some refreshing bubbles. With one raving: “Flipping brilliant, nicer than some £30 bottles of English sparking.” 

    VIEW AT LIDL | £8.99

    21. M&S Coteaux Varois En Provence

    one of the best cheap wines - M&S Coteaux Varois En Provence

    Credit: Ocado

    This exquisite dry rose is one of the best cheap wines at Marks and Spencers and can be picked up online via Ocado. The 2021 bronze winner originates from France’s Provence wine region – known for producing some of the finest dry roses around. And M&S shoppers have been lavishing it with praise on the website. With one commenting: “This is a lovely rose, dry and delicate flavour. Even my husband loves it – he normally finds rose too sweet.”

    VIEW AT OCADO | £9.50

    Best cheap fizz: £10 and under

    22. Morrisons The Best Prosecco DOC

    Morrisons The Best Prosecco DOC

    Credit: Morrisons

    A bottle of bubbly for £7? Yes they do exist and taste amazing for the price – with this bottle of Morrisons Prosecco earning a silver badge in Decanter’s 2020 wine awards. “Dry, crisp, with fine intense bubbles. It doesn’t leave me with a headache afterwards,” wrote one Morrisons reviewer. “Not too sweet. Would heartily recommend. Thank you Morrisons.”


    23. Castellore Organic Prosecco

    Castellore Organic Prosecco

    Credit: ALDI

    “Great flavour, great fizz and gorgeous colour” is how one customer praised this award-winning Prosecco. But might we add great price too? The eco-friendly fizz first picked up a commendation from the IWC in 2019. This year though, the organic Prosecco secured a silver medal for its silky, sparkling pear and green apple taste. Grown with no pesticides or herbicides in a vineyard just 30km north-east of Venice, it’s a real clean fizz and a steal at £7.99 a bottle.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £7.99

    24. Tesco Finest Prosecco Doc

    Tesco Finest Prosecco Doc

    Credit: Tesco

    There’s plenty to celebrate with this bottle of fizz – especially when it’s available for a rather reasonable £8 a bottle! Not only did it receive a bronze 2021 IWC badge, but some Teso shoppers are claiming this Prosecco “puts some champagne to shame”. In that case – we’ll be racing you to the checkout.

    VIEW AT TESCO | £8

    25. Maison de la Rougerie Brut Crémant de Bordeaux

    Maison de la Rougerie Brut Crémant de Bordeaux

    Credit: Iceland

    Classy, crisp and satisfyingly cheap – this Cremant de Bordeaux at Iceland has earnt it’s place on our best cheap wines round-up for these significant reasons. Which is probably why it was singled out at the 2020 Berliner Wine Trophy awards. All we know is that it tastes great and Iceland reviewers seem to agree. As one summed up: “Delicious Sparkling wine – if you prefer a Cava to a Prosecco you have to try this.. it’s really crisp but not too dry & really a great alternative to champagne & 1/3 of the price – give it a try!”

    VIEW AT ICELAND | £8.75